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Top 1st Baby Birthday Recommendations

Funny infant baby boy tasting his 1st birthday cake

Our baby party rentals planners realize it won’t make any difference to your 1st baby birthday whether you create a bounce house rentals party at a park or have a pizza party at home. The type of plan is up to you – do what feels right, and step back and take a breath if you get anxious.

Following months of lack of sleep, endless diaper changes, and millions of giggles and smiles, it’s, at last, the time to design your baby’s first birthday celebration party.

No, your infant won’t remember the huge day, but you will. So yes, the photographs with the baby will always be something you will recollect even if the child gets embarrassed when they grow up.

We understand these parties are notable more for the parents than their child. But, it’s been a time of marvel, growth, and change for everybody, so celebrate with a great get-together with friends and family.

Here are some Kendall FL, Party Rentals tips to get you through this occasion:

Invites and Gifts

Miami Party Rentals-two boys with gifts

First, always send invites early, at least three weeks before the gathering.

A few parents may feel that loved ones have given them a ton of presents over the year. Mainly if baby showers were held or they gave gifts after the kid’s birth. Do you want to tell your visitors you don’t expect any more gifts? Then you could write something on the invitation to show that, for example, “no gifts needed, just your presence.”

However, usually, people will bring presents no matter what you wrote down on your invite. So when it comes time to open presents, you will likely be too busy helping your kid out. Request that someone record the gift so you can write individual notes to say thank you.

Value the Nap Time and Make a Peaceful Area

An essential thing to first learn as a parent is that happy, calm events require a well-rested baby. So time the party around your baby nap. Moreover, everyone (particularly the baby) will have the best time if you plan around nap time.

Make a secondary party region in another room for visitors if they need a break from the celebrations. Set out safe toys for children who may feel overwhelmed, and give snacks to the grown-ups who need a spot for peaceful conversation.

Hire a Professional Photographer from a Baby Party Rentals

Family and friends will love to take photographs of your baby’s huge day for free. However, to guarantee you capture the party’s best times, hire a professional photographer. The last thing you want is blurry photos and bad-angle images of a slanted baby taken by a drunk friend.

That way, you can concentrate on your baby and your visitors and guarantee you’ll have those photographs to embarrass your kids much later!

Pick an Outside Setting and Rent a Tent

Boy playing inside a bounce house rental Miami

A public park or a playground can be an incredible party spot. Truthfully, all you’ll have to bring are cake, balloons, favors, food, and tables with chairs. The chaos will be insignificant, and the younger visitors will have much room to play around.

You could even rent a bounce house for toddlers or a standard inflatable for older kids to spice up the fun for your younger guests. It will help parents relax from their kids but remember bounce houses always need adult supervision. Often, the weather doesn’t want to cooperate, then rent a tent to protect your baby and guests from rain or heat rays.

Pick a Theme for Your First Birthday Party

You don’t need to make a theme for your baby’s party. Nonetheless, often picking one makes it simpler to concentrate on the colors, décor and, other party items like the linens to match. Think about these ideas:

Old MacDonald Had a Farm– Set up chairs, dress your kid in overalls, serve a farm-themed cake, give cute gifts in metal buckets, and play Duck  Duck Goose. Of course, you could help the kids by singing the song too.

Carnival Party-Make your infant happy and the majority of your visitors with the enormous, bold colors, balloons, and carnival-themed food machines. Yes, food machines like a hot dog, popcorn, and, of course, to lower the heat temperatures, a snow cone machine rental.

Over the Rainbow-Babies are attracted to colors, so make a rainbow-themed party. Set out to purchase party supplies and decorations in bright colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Make a cake with layers for each color. Lastly, send everyone home with a CD mix of your preferred version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Buy Bright Color Decorations

Children love bright, colorful, shiny, and moving objects. Surprise your baby with a wonderland just for them and their small guests. Ensure to add many different interesting designs to your party atmosphere

Stuffed animals, streamers, and balloons are perfect birthday celebration decorations your child will cherish. Since you know their taste, you can buy decorations that are fun and comforting.

Remember that you’ll be taking a significant amount of pictures to remember your baby’s only 1st birthday party, so ensure the décor is vibrant.

The cake

baby 1st cake

A few parents can wait to see the look of pleasure on their baby’s face when their child takes their first bite of cake. However, others stress that a lot of sugar will cause stomach aches.

So, instead, get a carrot cake made with less sugar and topped with a low-sugar cream cheese icing. On the other hand, if you don’t like carrots, then choose other healthy cake recipes.

Make Children and Adult Snacks for 1st Birthday Party

Everyone knows that a baby’s first birthday celebration party lasts several hours. However, the visitors will value having a few snacks to eat on before you serve the cake. If your guests are bringing children, you’ll need to offer child snacks that they can much on too.

Sometimes it’s best to keep things straightforward, so purchase snacks at the store and set them out on a table in a couple of bowls.

Some great baby snacks can include:

  • Potato chips
  • Cookies

Or for more health-oriented parents:

  • Baby carrots
  • Cheese sticks
  • Yogurt
  • Fruits like apple, oranges, and bananas. Make sure to cut fruits into small pieces to avoid choking.
  • Whole-grain graham crackers

Now, adult snacks can include:

  • Flavored potato chips like BBQ or jalapeño
  • Tortilla chips with salsa
  • Fruits salad and salad
  • Make Deli style sandwiches or allow for guests to make their own style

It might take a little effort to get all the snacks, but these straightforward snacks will wow all the children. The treats are so delicious that the grown-ups will love eating them, as well!

Hire a Baby Party Rental Expert or Call a Loved One for Assistance

baby party rentals Miami

Try not to attempt to host a baby’s 1st birthday party all by yourself! I know it seems magical to do everything alone, but it is stressful. Therefore, it is an incredible time to ask for help from godparents, uncles, grandparents, and aunts.

They can help you with setting up the decorations and taking care of the baby while you welcome the visitors. You can also hire a Baby Party Rentals birthday party planner if you expect more than 50 guests. The more help, the better, I say! You can repay the debt by offering them two-party favors goodie bags.

Baby Comes First

No matter if you’re throwing a small birthday celebration, the baby might find it overwhelming. Imagine the baby seeing aunt, uncle, and cousins; it might scare them. So, it is imperative to continue checking in that the baby feels safe and secure throughout the party.

It’s still their fun, special day after all. Well, this is the place the assistance may come useful. Don’t be afraid to ask them to help clear up plates and help with the clean-up. Nevertheless, make sure the person taking care of the baby is someone the baby trusts since trust is reassuring.

Hire a baby party rental planner from Adventure Land Party Rentals today.