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Find Our huge selection of Bounce House Rental Miami here!

Bounce house rental Miami has new bounce houses in stock. We have always been known for our children party rental equipment. We have been servicing Miami for many years, from our great inflatable water slides to our concession machines. But in this post, we will bring up our most popular bouncers.

bounce house rental Miami children playing

The Mickey Mouse Bounce House for Rent

This bounce house is one of our most popular and affordable. I mean, what kid, boy, or girl doesn’t want a Disney theme party? Well, now you can give them what they want without breaking the bank. This bounce house has your favorite Disney characters in the front, like Donald Duck, Snoopy, Minnie, and Mickey. At only $100 to rent, you can’t go wrong with Disney.

Mickey Mouse Club Bounce House Rental

Dora the Explorer Bounce House

Another great one is the Dora bounce house. For every child that loves the t.v show, this would be a great addition to their party. Jumping inside this beautiful piece of equipment would make any birthday party special. This one goes for the unbeatable price of $90. Yes, you heard right under $100. Contact us thru the phone to rent it!

Dora The Explorer $120

The Hummer Brinca Brinca

If you have a boy that loves trucks, you can’t go wrong with this monster of a truck bounce house. This one is a stunning yellow with black and white tires. One of our most popular Moonwalks, it’s one big truck ready to take your boy places. The price for this awesome truck is only $200.

Hummer Bounce House

Do you have a Low Budget, we have you covered here at Party Rentals Miami!

We have an excellent selection of bounce houses for rent in Miami, very affordable. The price for these can go as low as $79. Also, since we are redesigning our web page, don’t hesitate to call to see something more specific that you may not see. Our team is here for any questions.

Adventureland Party Rentals Just Brought in New Bouncers

We will begin with the new Spiderman bounce house. With its excellent design, this bouncer will have the boys and girls going nuts. We have it in the original colors of blue and red, with the dimensions of 13×13 $100.00.

Spider Man Bounce House Rental

Bounce House Rental Miami has the New Inflatable Castles

  • Minnie Mouse bounce house

This inflatable castle comes in 3 different designs for you to rent. My favorite one is the one with the bow on top; it looks great; its dimensions are 13×13 $100.00.

  • 65 ft. Obstacle course

Want to make the party fun and competitive? Say no more; this impressive inflatable course will keep the kids exercising while having a blast. These bouncers are made from the same material as our moon jumps; it’s a safe, fun way to burn some calories.

  • Toddler’s bouncer

Who says 2-year-olds can have their bouncer? Not here at Adventure Land Party Rental, even the little ones can have jumping fun.

This 2 in 1 inflatable is a lot of fun. If they want to bounce, they can and can slide down too. It’s cool; they can do both.

  • 7 in 1 Bouncer

For children that want to do it all, we got the 7 in 1. It brings a basketball hoop, a climbing wall, 2 obstacles, a slide, and the bounce house.

You can get one of our packages if you need extras with your moonwalk. Our packages start at $120, and you will find tables, tents, and concession machines combinations for a lower price. Also, you can call and ask about the holiday discounts we will gladly answer all your questions. Thank you for visiting our website.

We got the Bounce House from the hit Movie Frozen

This baby blue Frozen bounce house is great for all the young frozen movie fanatics. The price to rent this one-of-a-kind bouncer goes for just $100; this one is 13×13 in size. We got it in stock; call us.

Frozen Bouncy House for Rent $100

We got more Moonwalks!

Let’s talk about the Bounce House Carousel for $165.00

  • The carousel bounce house is great for the younger kids. It has colorful horses decorated all around. You will feel like you are at the fair with this one.

  • Rent the Power Rangers Bounce House if your kids are into them. I recommend this one for your boys, although some little princesses may like them too. This cool bouncy goes for $90.00 and measures 13×13.

  • Shrek bounce house is one of my favorites; who doesn’t love Shrek? At 13×13 $90.00, this one is a steal. Call us today to reserve it.

  • Maybe your kid is into pirates; we got this one-of-a-kind Pirates Bounce House. They will let their imaginations run wild in this one. For only $90.00, you can be Captain Morgan.
  • We already wrote about the 65 ft. obstacle course, but you can also get a smaller one at 35 ft. The 35′ Obstacle course rents for only $180.00. Almost half the price of the big one!

What can you expect when you rent from Adventureland? You will get the cleanest, most sterile equipment at a great price. You won’t panic about our delivery time as we are very punctual and take our work very seriously. Our workers are well trained and licensed, so you won’t have to take any chances. Bounce House Rental Miami is where you can find us in a Google search.

When looking for party rentals in Miami, we are the go-to-guys!

Bounce House Rental Miami Safety Tips

  • Don’t mix teenagers with little kids when bouncing. It also goes for toddlers and kids older than 7 years, don’t let them in at the same time, plus for kids ages 7 to 12.
  • Don’t let the bouncer get complete with kids; make sure you check enough space for them.
  • If a kid is lying in the bounce house, he might suffer a severe injury; if they are tired, take them out.
  • Backflipping or any acrobatics should not be allowed in a bounce house.
  • Lousy weather is typical in Miami, don’t use the inflatable during rains or high winds exceeding 25mph.
  • Special Needs Children should be allowed with caution and more supervision.

Everyone wants to have a great time, so remember safety first!

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