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Miami Party Rental Best Recommendations for your Baby’s First Birthday Party

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Miami Party Rental planners believe milestone birthday merit a special kind of celebration and make even more sense when it comes to your child’s first birthday. When the time is right to celebrate your little one’s first year of life, the unique, cute, and, beautiful style party is an absolute necessity!

However, you can host a noteworthy first birthday celebration party without spending a fortune on decorations. These straightforward, appealing, and, eye-catching things are inexpensive and straightforward to either make or buy. So anyone can enjoy your kid’s big day peacefully.

Therefore, read below and find party rentals in Miami, FL expert birthday party ideas that will make your little one’s big day even much better.

Who to welcome

Let’s face it our little ones don’t have many friends since their only one years old. Also, your 1-year-old might be frightful of outsiders and new places. Often toddlers can’t play either with bigger kids too. However, the baby will love your family and friends that attend and will giggle and laugh a lot.

These variables frequently persuade guardians to decide on a personal, low-budget family party or a little gathering of relatives, close friends, and, neighbors.

Regardless of the number of visitors you have, remember that your 1-year-old will need a ton of attention. Sometimes kids are overwhelmed by a significant crowd of well-wishers, especially if they’re unknown.


The sum you spend is up to you and relies upon what sort of gathering you will host for your child. Remember the food is the first thing that drives expenses up, trailed by the decor and the cake. Try not to feel pressured to spend more than you can bear to afford!

Yes, Pinterest and Facebook capture everything nowadays but who cares especially, not a one-year-old prince or princess who is happy to be in their mother’s hands.

Pick a time

Your infant will most likely still take a morning and evening nap when he/her first birthday celebration comes around. Therefore, it’s ideal for designing your gathering around nap times if conceivable.

What’s more, if you’re inviting other young guests, go over their nap times with their folks. So, when one begins to cry, they all may sleep together too! You might want to keep the party brief – an hour or two.

Picking a site

Typically, the home is the least demanding site to have a first birthday or celebration get-together. Moreover, it’s a place your infant will have a sense of safety. However, if your house is unreasonably small for the number of visitors, you will host, consider a local park or church social hall.

Also, a children’s entertainment center, a restaurant can work well. If you want to make it outside event, then your best option to keep your baby and guests safe from the weather elements is to rent a tent.

Picking a theme

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse $185.00

Party themes aren’t essential to your 1-year-old baby. However, if your kid is fond of a cartoon character, for example, Mickey Mouse then go ahead and do it. So, what’s black, white and, red everywhere with big ears? Yes, a Mickey Mouse–themed birthday party!

From red and white spotted solo cups to a Mickey’s Clubhouse welcoming sign and Mickey-shaped napkins, party bags, hat designs, and, the best part color matching cookies. Indeed, even the treat table highlights all Mickey-themed desserts and shading composed treats. Lastly—lease a Mickey Mouse toddler bounce house to make your party exciting from your favorite party rental store.


Keep food straightforward since a great deal of it will likely wind up on the floor at any rate!

Finger foods function admirably for toddlers and grown-ups alike, and eating finger foods won’t interfere with play or mingling. Small cut sandwiches with cheddar spread, cubed shapes of cheddar, cut-up fruits like banana and mango, pasta spirals, pizza, and, more modest than usual, yogurts are great alternatives.

Remember to avoid serving nuts, hard candies, popcorn, raisins, marshmallows, and small foods that may seem like a choking hazard to little ones.

Concerning drinks, it’s a smart idea to have water, milk, and perhaps natural juices around for the children. Now, adults; bottled water and soft drinks but no alcohol.

Remember a superb birthday cake

A few parents like to have a small or personal cake for the birthday child, so he/she can smear into her mouth or face. However, have a bigger cake for everyone else to enjoy too. You could likewise serve cupcakes to everybody, including your child.

Yes, homemade cakes are unique; however, if you have no baking skills, then markets or bakeries have an incredible variety accessible. Although, you may need to order the cake ahead of time. Lastly, don’t push your baby face into the cake until you removed any decorations and sticks that support the cake as its dangerous.