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How to Plan a Kid’s Home Party with a Bounce House Despite Coronavirus Pandemic?

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Party rentals in Kendall experts believe that when you plan a kid’s home party, you get many advantages over hosting it at a venue. Yes, sending invites, making deserts or the cake, and cleaning after the gathering is difficult.

Maybe taking the children to an indoor party venue solves your problems, but I can’t help to disagree, particularly with the Coronavirus pandemic. Either way, planning your kid’s home party won’t be a tedious venture if you know where to start, which is with us.

Bounce house rentals aren’t only incredible for parties; they can work well for a small get-together. For example, you can invite intimate family members and close friends. Also, setting up a bounce house isn’t as troublesome as it was before.

It’s as simple as removing it from the bag, unrolling it, connecting the blower, and turning it on. Then, relax and watch your child’s eyes sparkle with joy as the structure inflates.

So, why hosting your child’s gathering at home is better than an outdoor venue.

Why throw a kid’s home party?

kid's home party gifts

True, everyone wants their kid’s birthday to be unique and intimate for the child. However, hosting a gathering at an indoor venue can deny the unique bond between the birthday kid and the parents.

I don’t recommend a venue because of all the other children and loud noises near you and until we have a Coronavirus cure. So, throwing a party at home is significantly better than using a venue.

A kid’s home party is less expensive

Boy playing inside a bounce house

There are many ideas and activities you can host at the kids’ birthday party at a cheap cost. You can buy balloons, favors, cups, napkins, linens, and rent a cheap bounce house from your local party rentals Miami store fairly economically or have them send it to you via delivery. Hosting a party at home is the least expensive way to host a kid’s get-together.

Surprise party

Spider Man Bounce House Rental

Home parties make a great party atmosphere with guardians and children alike. Throwing a Spider-Man theme bounce house party for boys or a little girl Princess is imaginative and exceptional. Theme parties are the best, and many venues don’t offer specialty or various party themes.

A birthday celebration won’t be a surprise if you go to an indoor venue. Why? Clearly, your child will know they’re heading off to a party when you show up at the facility.

Therefore, setting up a gathering at home will improve the surprise element. Even with a close family, a surprise party is outstanding, plus the expression on your child’s face when you say surprise is priceless!

Invite only your close relatives and friends

Relatives that live in the home and even tested for Coronavirus friends can go to birthday celebrations for a child to show love and family unity. Either way, an indoor facility will only permit 10-15 visitors for each gathering, and they will be crammed together.

Now, hosting a get-together at home will permit you to separate them the recommended 1 meter that the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends for proper distance.

I will recommend only inviting a few guests, and with the Coronavirus pandemic, you need unity but think of hygiene first. So, have a hygiene table where people can wash their hands and even give masks and face masks if necessary. Also, it won’t hurt the party atmosphere since it will allow people to chat and blow some steam.

Lease more party items

snow cone machine for a kid's home party

Add some excitement to the gathering by leasing special items from a party rental Miami company. A small indoor bounce house or a standard inflatable castle can likewise work in your patio as this will transform your child’s gathering into a little carnival. In addition, you can lease concession machine rentals like cotton candy, hot-dog, and snow cone machines to enhance the food options.

If it’s too hot instead rent a water slide

Regrettably, adult water slide rentals won’t work indoors. But you can set it up in your standard kid’s bouncer on the patio or front yard. Water slide rentals are popular and entertainment for amusement for kids in the hot months. The Miami heat is the top reason to host a party at your home’s patio, particularly with the help of a water slide.

Birthday celebrations are special for parents too as they will enjoy the look on their child’s face while they play. Children love theme parties, inflatable castles, and water slides.

You can design the best party ever by staying at home and safe while cooling off on your own patio. If you don’t want to invite many people, then rent it only for the birthday child.

COVID-19 safety kid’s home party rules

You can lessen the odds of being infected or spreading COVID-19 by following the rules below:

Regularly wash your hands

Always and frequently clean your hands with alcohol hand rub or wash them with soap and water. If you want to throw a party, ensure you have a non-touch soap and water station. It will ensure your guests can kill the virus before entering the home or party site.

Keep a safe 2-meter distance from each other

Tell your party guests to keep a distance of one meter or two meters from each other at the party. Remember, when somebody coughs, sneezes, laughs or talks loud, they spray saliva from their nose or mouth containing the virus.

If the party guests are too close, they will breathe in the droplets, including the COVID-19 virus. People can still have fun, but you have to take charge by placing the party chairs 2 meters apart and advise them not to dance too close to each other.

People should avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth

Because hands touch many surfaces that may have had the virus, and then you pick it up unintentionally. When defiled, hands can move the infection to your eyes, nose, or mouth.

So, you can make it a rule for your guests to bring or provide masks at the party entrance. Then, if you send this requirement in the RSVP email or mail, you will have the people who don’t like masks not come or the people who don’t mind wearing a mask.

Ensure the guests follow respiratory hygiene

It means not taking the mask off to the cough while not covering their mouth and nose. If you are strict, you might not want a party guest to come without a mask.

However, if you don’t mind, ensure they have tissues not to infect your other guests. HopefulThen, hopefully quickly wash their hands while throwing away the tissue.

Tell your guests kindly to stay at home when they have symptoms

Suppose they show Coronavirus symptoms, for example, headache, cough, and mild fever, until you recuperate. Of course, as a host, you want to make a splendid party with the right party rental supplies, music, and entertainment, but first comes your safety, your family, and your guests.

You can send the information or rules in the RSVP, call your guests, and you can even put the rules up on a board.

Look for medical attention if you have these symptoms like high fever, dry cough, and trouble breathing. However, call by phone ahead of time if possible and follow the instructions of your health authority.