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Inflatable Water Slides for Adults

Water slide rentals Miami

Inflatable water slides for adults and children have brought a lot of joy and happiness to both kids and parents. They are perfect for special occasions like birthday parties and carnivals. But here is the thing, water slides rentals Miami are not only for children?

Of course not, adults can also enjoy a good water splash once. They are also ideal for adult birthday pool parties as they can make up the main activity in the celebration!

These inflatable water slides are not cheap to buy as they are huge. So if you would like to have a few hours of fun and bring back childhood memories, we suggest you get in touch with your favorite party rental Miami company. They will have something of your interest.

5 Inflatable Water Slides for Adults Tips

inflatable water slide for adults

Inflatable water slides for adults have gotten popular with our customers. It isn’t surprising since we are staying at home these days. Children and adults alike want to escape the house during summer and have some fun!

Water slide rentals can be exciting for anyone, and they will remember these items for a long time!

Plus, renting an inflatable water slide for adults is more straightforward, affordable, and reasonable than buying one! So, in this way, if you are looking for the best inflatable water slide, continue perusing; you are in a suitable spot.

So, if you are searching for the best inflatable water slides, keep reading below.

  1. AGE

Regarding the age of the users, unique water slide rentals have different standards. Some are ideal for toddlers, some for babies, and some for older children such as five and up. Likewise, teenagers and adult water slides are accessible too. Would you use the water slide for the entire family or a party? Consider that ahead of time.

Therefore, when you want to rent water or dry slide, look at the age standards for its usage. It is significant since the slide’s height and weight capacity have limits.

  1. Measure the space

Children and adult Inflatable water slides come in various sizes. But, you have to pick one that can fit your space. Try not to get the biggest adult water slide if you don’t have enough space on your patio for it?

Because most water slides come in different shapes, they can occupy a small or large space. For instance, a square water slide can occupy less space than those that offer adventure falls.

When you place your new adult water slide rental in your backyard, ensure that there are no sharp objects, or the inflatable may get damaged.


water slide rental into a pool

The inflatable water slide materials can affect its lifespan and your decision to rent or buy the inflatable water slide. Why? If you pick cheap materials, I recommend renting the slide instead of buying.

There are OK for one-time parties, but cheap materials affect their durability. Plus, it also affects the stability of the slide and safety.

The materials I suggest are:

  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a flexible and preferred material.
  • Chemical grade nylon is likewise elastic, strong, and light in weight.

Finally, try to look for adult inflatable water slide material that is robust, elastic, and puncture-free.

  1. Inflatable water slide for adults prices

Purchasing an inflatable water slide is more expensive than renting one. However, if you want to buy an inflatable waterslide, they range from $200 to $10,000. The price will depend on the type and size.

Since Adventure Land Party Rentals specializes in renting water slides then, I’ll show you below some water slide rentals:

adult water slides for $350

Adult water slides

  1. Adult water slide installation

Most installation is straightforward, so pick the one with a motor and set it up quickly. But, to put it plainly, the one with a simple installation will work superbly.

Or save yourself the headache and pay the party rental company for the installation.

  1. Inflatable water slides for rent top designs

Many inflatable water slide designs accessible in the market include various themes, slides, and exciting prints. For example, Frozen-themed, Shark theme, Dora theme, and Cars themed slides or no theme just adult bright colors. Just look for an inflatable that you like but select one that you think it’s safe.

Here we present to you some of the most entertaining and adventurous inflatable water slides for adults:

The triple fun Slide N’ Jump inflatable

The triple fun Slide N’ Jump inflatable amusement game features three activities (climbing, jumping, and sliding), so you can choose your adventure! In this inflatable, you can start by climbing the blue stairs to the first platform, and then you can jump to the green airbag; there, you will have options to go below or climb higher.

When climbing higher, you will find more steps to get to the top of the platform, where you will slide from a gigantic blue slide until you get to the last zone! The triple fun Slide N’ Jump inflatable has a soft air system to prevent you from getting hurt! This item can hold up to 1200 pounds, so groups can do that activity! Are you ready for adventure?

25 Foot Super Splash Down Inflatable Tropical Water Slide

Are you ready for hot summer days? Bring the cool to your summer with the 25 Foot Super Splash Down Inflatable Tropical Water Slide. You can rent this baby from your favorite party rental company; you won’t regret it!

This tropical water slide decorated with palm trees has an 8.3m height, which creates a high speed for the rider when splashing into the water pool. Very extreme water fun for bold adults! Its design includes double lane, single-lane, triple-lane, and multi-lane if you feel extra adventurous. You can set it up in your backyard, at the beach, or even at a pool!

Dual Lane Slip N Slide Inflatable Wave Water Slide

This wave-shaped water slide is a perfect item for any party! You and your guests will find it thrilling to slide down from a high slide and get splashed into the water pool. If you have been to a water park before, you can get the picture!

And as it has a dual lane, it will allow two people to go, making room for a bit of competition. You can install a Dual Lane Slip n Slide Inflatable Wave Water Slide in your backyard, a pool, or a beach. So get your slide and cool off!

20FT Giant Inflatable Tropical Dual Water Slide

This toy will bring you and your friends hours of joy and water splashes. You will first climb the small stairs until you get to the slide, where you can slide through 20 feet! An exciting feeling in your tummy is the best way can describe the experience!

This Giant Inflatable Tropical Dual Water Slide is suitable for outdoor, family, and playing center uses. Its material is made of non-toxic PVC, and its design makes it safe.

Banzai Triple Racer Water Slide

Races can’t get any more fun! With this top-rated inflatable water slide, both adults and kids will race through its 16-foot-long lane while getting their feet and body splashed by water. Banzai Triple Racer Water Slide has three competing lanes, meaning that three children can race at one time! It is.

You can find this item at any store! You can set this beauty up in your backyard. Just make sure you have plenty of space before getting it! Now, if you have a pool, you can make a twist to it and have some competitive games started by racing friends at the pool!

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