Hiring a Kid’s Entertainer Essential Guideline for a Party

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Hiring a Kid’s Entertainer Essential Guideline for a Party

Hiring a Kid’s Entertainer Essential Guideline

Hiring a kid’s entertainer is an exceptional and magical experience for kids and adults alike. Sadly, reserving a good one isn’t always simple. Particularly, the first time around! So, how can you ensure the entertainment is right for the crowd and that you get great value at the cost you pay?

To assist you with hiring an entertainer for a birthday party, we’ve listed below many points to consider. These party rental Miami recommendations will help get the most value out of your performer.

Who’s the crowd?

hiring an entertainer for a birthday party

There are two main crowds: children and families. Each group requires a different type of performance. Assess which alternative is the best for your gathering.

Child’s show

If you’re reserving a child’s show or activity, the parents can watch for free, but the attention will be on the children! The perfect age for these shows is around 3 and 8 years of age, depending on the show or activity. However, if you don’t know the age rating or find it on the performer’s website, ensure to ask the performer the age rating of the show.

For instance, you may use a princess entertainer for your boy’s birthday celebration party. Or rent a scary clown instead of a happy clown for a young kid’s party.

Family show

A family show is meant to entertain everyone in the family.  For older children, for example, 8 or more, then a family show is typically a superior choice. For instance, you should hire a magician or comedian to do a family show at an adult’s birthday party or corporate party.

What is the time format of the entertainer?

Depending on the entertainment you book, the format will be different! Let’s see the most popular show formats below:

Stand-up shows

The performer plays out a 30 to one hour show. Consider small celebration shows with crowd participation throughout. Most comedians, clowns, circus acts and puppet shows use this time format.

Mix and mingle shows or activities

With this format, the performers mix and mingle with the crowd. For a child’s show, the performer may unite all the visitors for activities. Or, for a family show, the entertainer you hire may move between the crowds, ensuring everybody appreciates the good times.

Entertainer stands

Often, performers will bring their own stands. These stands could be only a table or a small separate room. For instance, a face painter will typically have a stand where children can line up to have their face painted.

Does your place or site fit the entertainer?

Clown performing in the streets

If you have a little house, you can instead book a function room for the gathering. As a guideline, search for the site first and afterward the entertainment. This allows you to consider how well the entertainer fits in with the site.

Execution space

Every performer will require their own room space. For instance, if you book a performer for hands-on activities, the entertainer will require more space than a balloon modeler.


How loud will the performance area get when the entertainer entertains? For instance, will there be different activities or will the entertainer be the main show? If you have the show at home early in the afternoon, this isn’t a concern.

For children and family shows, this isn’t a concern either, but certain sites restrict the volume output. Verify whether the performer will use a speaker and music equipment.


Are there any distractions in the guest’s field of view? For instance, a TV, a large mirror, cellphones, or even loud music. This is essential for a stand-up show format. Check whether you can eliminate these interruptions.

Quality of the entertainment

You should always check the quality of an entertainer. The best way is to watch them perform. However often you can’t see them perform so attempt to find a video of them performing on the web.

Also, check for reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business since you can’t manipulate these reviews in these sites.

What’s included in the bill when hiring a kid’s entertainer?

Credit card bill

Understand what they include in the bill. Performers will typically have various bundles, which will include various features.

A few basic questions to ask:

  • Hour-rate or show rate?
  • What is the show format?
  • How long will the show last?
  • Do they charge per kid or for the show?

Any extras you should know about or any hidden fees

It’s also essential to comprehend what is and isn’t included in the bill! A few entertainers offer extra services, which you probably won’t know. For instance, a magician may likewise make balloon animals.

More questions to ask:

  • Are there any extra fees?
  • Are traveling fees included or separate?
  • Can you or the crowd ask for a special request?

If this info isn’t accessible on the site, you should get in contact with the performer.


Hire a clown

When you’ve decided, check for the performer’s availability. Start early since an entertainer’s schedule tops off quickly, particularly during the weekends and holiday seasons. When the performer isn’t accessible, ask if the entertainer can recommend someone else.

If you wish to hire an entertainer from Adventure Land Party Rentals get in contact via our telephone number, and email address or a contact form.

Have an agreement or contract

When you have made your reservation, professional performers should give you an agreement or contract. This agreement, or written contract, is significant as it contains all the details. It will also tell you what occurs when an unexpected incident happens.

Normally, a general agreement both the entertainer and the host agree after booking the party by accepting the terms and conditions. Well, that’s all our tips for hiring a kid’s entertainer so if you want to hire one for your child’s birthday party please call us.

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