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Why Hire a Great Birthday Party Entertainer for your Child’s Party?

Hire a Great Birthday Party Entertainer

Party rentals near me birthday party entertainer can help take a load off parents regarding throwing a child’s party since there the entertainment. Planning a birthday celebration or family occasion can be difficult if you have never thrown one.

What sort of theme will your child want and what type of food will you serve? What children’s entertainment for birthday parties will you hire? 

While it doesn’t look like a huge undertaking, often providing something to your visitors to do, particularly children’s, can be a challenge. That’s why hiring a children entertainer near me may prove useful, somebody to take the load off from your shoulders and keep your visitors entertained during the celebrations. 

Remember, children will be satisfied with a little gathering as long as they can eat cake and play. Yet, even a simple birthday party requires carefully arranging; the sooner you begin the organizing, the earlier the fun starts and the fewer details you’ll need to accomplish on the day itself. 

Let’s find out how a hiring a birthday party entertainer can help you with your children get-together:

Consider the age of your party-goers first

2nd birthday child blowing a Dora cake

Babies and toddlers probably won’t like clowns or large-sized mascots. It may be ideal to find a birthday party entertainer that is more age-suitable. A music performer or puppeteer may be better for kids under three.

Older children will probably appreciate a magician that brings a lot of tricks instead of a clown.  Consider asking the entertainer their ideal age range if you’re not sure.

Where to hire a birthday party entertainer?

Probably the best place to hire an entertainer is on the web. Consider these things when looking: How long have they been doing business and do they have a website since now everything is about the internet. Can you see their pictures of their gigs and testimonials from past customers?

Do they have excellent reviews via Facebook, Twitter, and Google My Business? These will give great insights into how professional is the children entertainer. Likewise, request references. 

Ask the entertainer the time they will show up, and if they’ll need anything so they can do their act. For example, a face painter will typically require a table and chairs, besides access to water.

Now, a magician will require a table and some privacy and quiet time to set up the act. Remember, you can decorate or add a backdrop to match the entertainer’s talents besides getting the guests in the mood.

Get a quote so that there are no sudden surprises. Get terms and conditions from your entertainer. Plus ask if they will require a deposit and what payments will they accept, for example, cash or credit cards. 

Best schedule and time for the gathering 


You can schedule parties for children when they will be at their best, not too sleepy or hungry. After nap time works admirably for babies; noon is better for preschoolers. As children mature, timing is a less significant factor. 

You probably don’t need to entertain your guests for many hours either. Little children and preschoolers do best with parties kept to 90 minutes. Somewhere between a few hours is time enough for young children. 

Would you have your party inside or outdoors?

A few entertainers like clowns and magicians work best inside, while some don’t mind a patio but ask if you’re not sure. Carnival attractions like popcorn and cotton candy machines work best outside. Balloonists and face painters can work-well, both indoors and outdoors.

Ensure you provide adequate shade. Also, have a backup plan for a rainy day, like a tent rental in case some unforeseen storms show up. If you have more than 15 visitors and you have a tiny house, consider these outdoor areas for your party

Here are a couple of recommendations: 

  • Church
  • School
  • Pizza place
  • Bowling alley
  • Zoo
  • Public Park and Library
  • Museum
  • Civic center
  • YMCA

Use name IDs particularly for parties out in public places, this can assist the entertainer to recognize party visitors from other kids. 

Reserve early 

How many kids will you invite? Would you like to limit the visitor to dear loved ones or welcome the entire class, friends, neighbors, and more? Put Rsvp on the invites to get a close count on the number of kids to expect. Send the invites two-three weeks before the gathering. 

Rent part supplies

Party Rental Package specials
Party Rental Package specials

If you’re throwing a home party gets some supplies. Party rentals Miami can provide you the special party packages that will allow your guests to sit and the tables to eat the pizza beside the decorations to create the best theme party ever. They also lease bounce houses and inflatables if you want more entertainment.

End the gathering with special goody bags

Give goody bags as you thank the visitor for coming. For example, consider giving: stickers, candy, key chains, toys, balls, noisemakers, and whistles. 

Everyone will thank you for the gifts and the birthday party entertainer you provided. 

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