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Why is Batman Bounce House a Favorite for Boys?

Batman bounce house

Why would you rent a Batman bounce house for a children’s party?

We all know and love Batman’s fictional DC comic, whether you are old enough to be familiar with the excellent old comic books or have played video games.

Also, if you have turned the TV shows and watched all the movies from Tim Burton’s to Christopher Nolan, or as most generations- with all kinds of Batman supplies, from action figures to themed bed sheets and PJs.

Wherever you know him from, it does not matter the source or how old you are. Batman is our favorite superhero for boys! Everyone likes Batman, from old to young.

The truth is that this fictional character, created in 1939, is still hot in our time. It may be because his sad life touches our hearts or due to the writer’s intriguing story.

Perhaps because we admire his strong and steady personality or we all need a hero in our lives, what keeps us returning to him.

We cannot deny that kids love Batman because of all his high-tech gadgets, like the Batmobile.

Boys want to own everything with their faces or label it when they have a birthday party. So, they ask for a Batman-themed party, even if they have previously rented one!

Batman Bounce House

Batman Bounce house 13x13 $100.00

So if you are about to celebrate your kid’s birthday, we suggest you rent a Batman bounce house. The Batman inflatable castle cost $100! And you will be popular at the party as you guarantee every kid´s entertainment!

The Batman bounce house is one of every rental’s most popular jumpers.

On the front of this jumper, a giant Batman is chasing after the Joker, who’s acting terribly! Above the front of this superhero inflatable, you have Robin helping Batman catch the Joker!

At the top, you will find two bat signals that will take your kid’s breath away!

Kids love the Batman inflatable castle because this toy gives them numerous opportunities to save Gotham city from the Joker and many other villains and bad guys.

Kids can pretend to be Batman. Robin, the Joker, or any other action figure they want as they bounce their way to justice while you can watch every move they make through those big windows in front of the bouncer!

This 13 square feet bounce house can hold up to 190 pounds, supporting 10 or 12 kids. I can guarantee that your kids will love this bouncy!

If this is not your first Batman-themed party, and you have already rented this Batman bounce house, we can offer you another Batman bounce house that your kids will love!

Batman Bounce House Combo Unit

Batman bounce house rentals
Batman bounce house rentals

The Batman bounce house combo has not one, not two, but seven activities in only one jumper! This combo unit will take your kid’s conventional-themed party into a superhero experience.

Kids will be able to chase criminals and fight crime while climbing stairs, going through water, or wet slides.

Or they can even prepare for the Joker and other villains just by bouncing their superhero tactics and moves in the jumping area!

The Batman bounce house combo has seven different features that will keep your kids entertained for hours! Some of these features are:

  • Jumping Area
  • Climbing ladder
  • Vertical Obstacles
  • Horizontal Obstacles
  • 2 Basketball Hoops
  • Fun slide

This cool bouncy is big enough to hold 12 to 15 kids, and it’s 22 feet long times 19 feet wide. The best thing is that it has a lot of open space so you can be the party’s hero while you supervise your children’s bounce house party!

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Now you know, if you are going to celebrate your kid’s batman party, reach out to party rentals near Kendall Lakes. They will be happy to provide you with all the info about Batman bounce houses available at our bounce house rental store near you!