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Bounce House Rentals Near Me-Best Hints for a Party

Pirate theme bounce house rentals near me

People are Google searching for bounce house rentals near me because bouncers are becoming a significant attraction for hyperactive children! Bounce house rentals in Kendall are an extraordinary way to keep children entertained and busy, allowing parents time to socialize cheaply.

However, picking the wrong type can lead to unhappy kids. For example, if the bouncer is too small, you have to tell the other party kids to wait, which can create much anxiety. Remember, merchants don’t make all bouncers the same; some standard bouncers can only hold about 5-6 kids, but other commercial inflatables can accommodate many more.

So, before renting the wrong bounce house, read some tips below to throw the perfect bounce house party—one your kids will remember forever!

How to Choose the Perfect Bounce House Rentals Near Me?

Inflatable castles are available in many types and styles. When searching for alternatives for bouncers, consider picking one that fits your party theme. For instance, princesses, Superheroes, cars, water slide rentals, and ocean themes, and color themes are a couple of examples you can match to the party.

Bounce house rentals near me are not just to jump around! Many come in dry and wet slides, obstacle courses, multiple stories, and more.

While a bigger and more complex bouncer will typically cost more, it gives an enhancement option, particularly for older children at your gathering.

Think about the Visitors and the Size of the Inflatable Castle

pirate ship inflatable course

Age, gender, and the number of jumpers need consideration for your bounce house rentals. Knowing these variables will assist with deciding the size and style of bouncer you’ll require for the gathering. Since they arrive in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes.

Since it is inflatable, overloading the inflatable castle could cause severe injuries to the users. So, ask the bounce house vendor for the proper weight limit of the inflatable you purchased. Also, ask the supplier how many kids the bounce house can safely hold. You may need to lease multiple inflatable castle rentals for bigger parties to prevent stuffing kids in one bouncer.

How much Space can you Spare for your Bounce House Party?

Although bouncers are extraordinary for a gathering, you don’t need one to take up the entire patio. Instead, ensure to get a bounce house rental that’s large enough for the party guests. However, compact enough to permit visitors who aren’t using the bouncer to have plentiful space to move around and have a great time.

If you are uncertain about the size bouncer to lease, talk with the party rental company. They will assist you in determining the best size for your party’s needs.

Safety First Before a Bounce House Accident

Bounce house rentals near me safety rules

Ensure that the guests are following the safety rules of the bounce house.

  • Supervision- The first rule is never to leave kids unsupervised while jumping in the bouncer!
  • Proper staking-Always ensure to stake the inflatable castle into the ground properly.
  • Be careful of sharp objects-keep sharp objects away from anything inflatable, including bounce houses. This means sharp objects like cooking knives and scissors while keeping shoes, jewelry, and eyeglasses away from the bouncer.
  • Deflating houses-People pump an inflatable castle with an air pump. However, the bounce house will collapse if the air pump goes out. Now, if that occurs with kids still inside, you have a severe issue, considering even small inflatable castles weigh 50 pounds and others can weigh over 200 pounds.
  • Wind speeds-We recommend deflating your inflatable castle when wind speeds reach 13-17 MPH. The manufacturers build some bounce houses to withstand 25 MPH winds with proper staking but ensure you counsel the owner’s manual or ask a competent vendor.

Focusing on safety is critical to ensuring everybody has the best time in the inflatable castle!

Pick the Correct Bounce House Rentals Company

Boy playing inside a bounce house

The correct business that leases the bounce house rental needs to have many types of inflatables available. In addition, the bounce house rental company should have a license, be insured, and have excellent customer service. Also, it cares for its inflatable castles, using non-toxic materials and always keeping them clean.

Ask a few friends for recommendations or check their Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook pages for consumer reviews. People can’t fake reviews on these sites, and an incredible bounce house rental supplier will have many happy clients.

An inflatable castle is an ideal investment for an unforgettable kid’s gathering when planned appropriately.