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Add Concession Food Machine Rentals to your Miami Party


Party Rentals Miami experts understand that concession food machine rentals really could add the pleasure factor to any event. Adults and kids of all ages enjoy concessions especially, the ones that look like a carnival.

Are you arranging a company picnic, a kid’s birthday party, a family reunion or even a charity drive, then one of these food machines will assist you with the delicious fun.

Aside from the fun that leasing concessions add, there are additional advantages too. The setup is straightforward, and once you pick up the gear, you could buy most supplies in the same place.

Now, if you require help, then party rentals Kendall in Miami employees will guide you along with the know-how of the machines. Based on the kind of event you’re planning, there’s a selection of concession gear you could get.

Let me, introduce you to the many food machines you could rent and how to choose the right one:

Types of Food Machine Rentals

Cotton candy machine

Let’s take a look at the types of food machines:

  1. Cotton candy machine-adults and children adore cotton candy! Rent an excellent cotton candy machine for your next celebration. These are the cotton candy machines that you see in carnivals or fairs. It will ensure it’s the wow factor in your party or event and will improve snack diversity.
  2. Popcorn-if you remember popcorn as I do then the Movie Theater or Cinema was a place to eat this snack. Now, there’s a popcorn machine for everyone. Partygoers and children of all ages will adore a Cinema party snack. Some types of popcorn machines use a cart to improve the mobility factor of any function. Fantastic for carnival-themed occasions, birthday celebrations, festivals, and, corporate events, since everybody enjoys the flavor and the smell of popcorn!
  3. Snow-cone-what’s better on a hot day than a snow-cone!! This summer, cool down and put your snow-cone machine to work. Mix colors and make the best ice rainbow you have ever eaten.
  4. Hot-dog- A hot-dog machine could be an excellent addition to any party; especially, kids’ birthday have food like pizza, cokes, small hamburgers, and, now hot-dogs are the wow snacks. Furthermore, adults love a delicious frank too without having to turn on the barbecue.

What to Look for in Concession Equipment Rentals?

Pop corn machine

Renting the right machines that are crucial to your event makes greater sense than getting a machine you don’t need. However, how do you get the right food machine? Well, I’ll show you so take these dynamics into account when making your choice:

  • Simple to use. Can anyone run the machine including teens since host use them at school charity funds and birthdays? Complicated equipment will need assistance or to hire a service. Speak to the party rental employee about how the system operates and the costs of hiring staff to work the gear. Now, if it’s straightforward then make sure you or the operator understands the directions.
  • Size matters. Think about quantity or the volume of the machine if you need it for a fundraiser, business, or church charity event. Ascertain how many clients you expect to see, pick your serving sizes, estimate the number of servings that’ll be consumed, and make the right decision. Do not make the mistake of choosing a small hot-dog machine when there are hundreds of guests coming to the event.
  • Durability and security. Decide on a machine which is simple to move or if it uses handles. Ask about building materials and can it take a fall? Check the energy cords and make sure you can store it safely and will not pose a fire hazard.
  • Electrical specifications. You will want to make sure that there are no different outlets required for power. See if you will need an extension cable to operate the device and how much energy it needs in case you connect to a generator.
  • Equipment supplies. Make sure the system gets all the other requirements or supplies. Popcorn oil, salt, and containers to serve the snack are a few things a popcorn machine needs for functioning. Now, floss sugar, bags, and sealers for packaging are what cotton candy machines need to work. Your party leasing company must offer all of the extra supplies that you will need but request clarification if you are uncertain.

When to Buy or Rent a Concession Equipment

When you’re throwing a special event, there are many things going around including, logistics, supplies, and organizing your party rental merchants.

Other things include securing the site, hiring employees, the decisions are endless. So, it’s up to you to juggle them all but you can remove one essential thing from your to-do lists like the food equipment and supplies.

There are benefits to both purchasing and renting food machines: the key is figuring out which will meet your needs best. I’ll answer some questions below to help you with your choices.

How often will you Use the Food Concession Machine?

Concession machine rentals in Miami

This is the most significant factor in your choice. When you plan only one event, cost alone makes leasing the most reasonable choice. However, if you host many events for one year, consider weighing the option to buy or rent the cotton candy machine or popcorn machine rental.

Buying the concession machine rental can save you cash on the 5 times you rented the items during the year. But, you will have to consider the maintenance and parts when the machines need support which you will have to pay.

Who will Operate and Maintain the Concession Food Machine Rentals?

If you have handyman skills or have reliable helpers or workers then running and maintaining your concession equipment can work. Thus, buying machines could be for you. However, if you have no skills or workers that can work and clean the concession food machine rentals, the rental process is best.

With rented food concession machines, the party rental company will handle all the cleaning and maintenance. Essentially, you use it for your occasion and bring it back. Yet, most party rental companies expect users to clean it inside and outside of the machine after use.

Concession Machine Support

It’s best to rent a popcorn machine for a party or fundraiser. Typically, party rentals will give you the machine and a choice of supplies.

You’ll require, for example, oil, bags, and salt kits, and they’ll give you recommendations on how to use the machine. This works for other equipment too.

Buy or Rent a Concession Food Machine Rentals from Adventure Land

Hot dog machine rentals cart

If you want to rent or buy the equipment, an online search for concession equipment rental inside Miami should yield a lot of choices.

However, make the perfect decision and hire Adventureland Party Rentals in Miami. We have a lot of experience in parties, occasions, weddings, and other big-time events that need quality equipment.



The best part of parties is always going to be the fun time you had, but food always comes a close second. So get the best food machines for your occasion.