Exciting Cotton Candy Machine Basics for a Party

Did you know that a cotton candy machine can enhance the fun factor of your occasion? Concession machine rentals are enjoyed by everyone including kids and adults. Regardless if you’re arranging a family gathering, a kid’s birthday party, a company picnic or a school or church fundraiser, a concession machine rental will most likely be a hit. 

Other than the fun that leasing concessions can include, there are different advantages too. Set up and operations are straightforward, you can buy the supplies when you grab the gear, and the Miami party rental staff’s recommendation and skill will guarantee genuine peace of mind. Contingent on the occasion you are arranging, there are many types of concession machines to browse. Below, we’ll examine a popular one: 

Cotton sweet machine 

Cotton candy, candy floss, fairy floss or floss sugar whatever you call it, we love the light and the airy, pure sugary sweetness of a cotton candy treat. It is a straightforward and fun food to offer at your next occasion and it’s simple to set up, particularly with a cotton candy machine rental. Let me show you a few hints to help you make cotton candy and how to use your cotton candy machine rental so you are better prepared! 

How Does a Cotton Candy Machine Work? 

How do you make cotton candy

Here’s a straightforward lesson on the science behind cotton candy. Ideally, you can recall the states of matter and concept of centrifugal force we learned in elementary. As we place the sugar into the cotton candy machine, heat dissolves the strong sugar into liquid form.

While it’s heated, the machine head also spins, pushing the liquid sugar through small holes by centrifugal force. As it goes through the holes, it cools again forming thin silky threads of cotton sweets. 

What is the most effective method to use a cotton candy machine rental? 

Cotton candy machine treats

Choose a steady, level surface close to an electrical outlet to set up your cotton candy machine. Cotton candy machine rentals with a stand are likewise accessible if you don’t have a stable table to put it on. Your machine will accompany specific directions however most use a similar procedure. Use a wet fabric to wipe inside the cotton candy machine. It will assist the sugar to adhere better. Turn on the machine and let it heat for a couple of minutes. 

Fill the floss container with floss sugar and turn it on. To make the cones, hold the pointed end of the cotton candy cone and lift the floss from the bowl while spinning the cone. When it isn’t adhering, touch the cone to the damp sugar close to the spinner head, and attempt to turn the cone in a figure-eight motion to make an extra soft cotton candy cone. 


When you have used most of the sugar, leave the heat on for a couple of minutes to melt any residual sugar in the floss head. Unplug the cotton candy machine rental then use a moist fabric to clean the machine head and bowl. Dry completely. 

How much sugar do you need to serve cotton candy? 

It takes around 1 ounce of sugar to make one serving or one cotton candy cone. The 1/2 gallon container of a usual floss sugar makes 60-70 servings, contingent upon how large you make the cones. 

Cotton Candy: An Allergy-Free Treat 

If you throw a party but have a group of visitors worried about food allergies, cotton candy is the ideal delicious treat as it is free of the most common food allergens.

It is sugar so; it is gluten-free, dairy/milk-free, tree nut-free, peanut-free, soy-free, egg-free, shellfish-free and fish-free. The main thing to consider is sensitivity to food dyes but some gourmet cotton candy spinners have alternatives for dye-free too!

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