Party Ideas for a Children Carnival Theme Birthday Party

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Party Ideas for a Children Carnival Theme Birthday Party

Party Ideas for a Children Carnival Theme Birthday Party

Party rentals in Miami, FL, can help you plan a children carnival theme birthday party this year? Birthday celebrations are the high point of any child’s year and it’s up to parents to make it unique and amazing.

You can find many carnival party decorations at our party rentals near me store because we can accommodate any budget with our Miami party packages. A carnival themed birthday party provides a lot of fun for children and adults alike!

Here’s how to throw an amazing children carnival theme birthday party.

Children Carnival Theme Birthday Party Quick Guide

Focus on these following things when planning your carnival theme birthday party so you can have a lot of fun:

  • Concession machine rentals
  • Brilliant colors and stripes
  • Balls and balloons
  • Tents

Concession machine rentals

snow cone machine

You can rent concession rental machines at your local party rental Miami store. These machines are:

Children’s birthday celebrations have concession machine rental, yet they also work in fun wedding reception ideas, astounding corporate outings, and that’s just the beginning.

Cotton candy machine. Inspire children to have fun with a sugary treat. The machines are straightforward to work and allow people to make a good deal of cotton candy flavors to order or to bag ahead of time.

Snow-Cone machines. A simple sell for outside summer birthday occasions, these machines are an outstanding addition to any hot outside occasion. Many flavored syrups are accessible, and often clients can make their own, including adult drinks versions.

Popcorn machines. Particularly incredible for carnival themed parties or birthday parties, popcorn machines give an eye-catching show and tantalizing smell. Party planners can add more to the ambiance by mixing the machine with a cart.

Hot dog BBQ and cookers. Another company cookout top pick that can also work for carnival theme parties is about hot dogs, BBQ, and steamers. These machines provide delicious food to people bored with pizza parties. Accessible as rollers and rotisseries, sausage cookers give hosts a brilliant method to feed their guests at a low-cost.

Warming cabinets. If a host is throwing a significant carnival event and needs to control cost and portions, then warming cabinets are the ideal solution. People can minimize expenses by showing their heated food like pizza, rather than ordering pizza boxes that can get cold quick.

And you can provide two slices to your guests, which lowers the amount eaten by your guests by offering sodas.

Favors and Prizes

Popcorn boxes with every visitor’s name marked are cheap and imaginative party favors. Fill each box with little carnival prizes, treats, and a stuffed toy for either girl or boy. If you invited adult guests or parents who stayed for the celebration, give them Mardi gras beads.

Prizes can be a significant part of your carnival ambiance if you hang them from a tree or clothesline behind a game booth. Bright booths made of painted cardboard boxes will add fun and mood to your carnival theme birthday party atmosphere. You can use one as a concession stand, another as a DJ booth for music and announcements, and another for your games.

Seating and Tables

Festive cake on table in room decorated for birthday party

Picnic tables and benches or folding chairs provide perfect seating for carnival-themed parties. If you cover the tables, use plastic fabrics.

Most party stores carry bright plastic tablecloths. Sprinkle table linens with paper confetti and small prizes.

Children Carnival Theme Birthday Party Tents and Booths

Most fairs and events have carnival booths and tents, and visitors and children will enjoy them particularly if there colorful. Don’t use that old outdoor tent in the carport, consider renting a clean carnival tent from party rentals Miami store.

Tie a few long streamers, balloons, and pennant to the top center before setting it up for a cool-looking carnival tent. Plus, allow a friend to play a fortune teller and sit inside and read curious guests with cards.

Children Carnival Theme party games

Feed the Clown

Nothing like the bean bag toss, particularly for young party-goers.

Use an enormous foam board, ask your children to use their artistic side to paint with some markers. Tell them to draw clowns and cut out circles where their mouth should be or juggling balls instead.

Put your board against a wall or add another board to the back to make A-frame. Include a container of bean bags next to the clown.

The Balloon Blaster

This carnival party game is popular for birthdays. It is straightforward to make and fun to play!

Use an enormous piece of foam board, cardboard, or wood, and many water balloons.

Blow up a lot of balloons and attach them in rows to the board using push pins.

Set the board off the ground and use an easel and grab a couple of darts.

Put the extra balloons in an enormous bag or container and set it next to the game so you can replenish them when needed.

This carnival game needs adult supervision since it deals with sharp things, so ask the adult to help with the darts and replenishing the inflatables.


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