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Flying Bounce House & untrained, unlicensed Party Rentals

Flying Bounce House & untrained, unlicensed Party Rental.

Party rentals in Miami injuries
Party Rental in Miami injuries

Adventure Party Rentals has been in business since 2011, yes we are a young company but we are very responsible.We are not going to throw companies under the bus by naming them, but we will talk about irresponsible businesses party rental Miami. The type that does not carry insurances and licenses.

I know you are probably saying to yourself, what I care if they have insurance or not. Well, you should if you don’t want to be liable for accidents, injuries and other problems.

When you are looking for a party rental company on google or yellow pages you might encounter hundreds of companies in Miami FL. I lot of these companies might offer cheap rental equipment at a great price. But have you thought about how that equipment is kept? Is it disinfected with cleaning supplies before every use? Or is it safe for your kids to jump or slide on? For some people, it was too late and they paid the price. Let’s see some things that might happen when you want the cheapest party rental company.

Party Rentals Accidents happen with bounce houses.

Let me just show 3 examples of what may happen with faulty equipment and irresponsible workers and parents.

  1. In May of 09 in Cutler Bay a town in Miami FL a 1-year boy fell from a mechanical train and suffered head injuries and died. This is terrible because the workers were responsible for letting a 1-year-old on knowing he was too small to ride
  2. An inflatable slide rental had ripped open from the top part all the way down. Because the company did not replace this equipment a 14-year-old girl suffered a concussion and a bruised hip bone. When you try to go with the cheapest you are more likely going to get an old uncared rental inflatable. By the way, the poor girl fell 26 feet!
  3. One of the things kid’s love to do when renting a bounce house in Miami is back flipping like Spiderman and Batman. That should be an obvious no but you’ll see party companies and parents letting it happen all the time. But keep in mind if the equipment is left to you, as the owner or renter of the property you are responsible for not letting this horse play from happening.
flying bounce house
When you hire untrained party rental services.
  1. 4. The flying bounce house, there are a few videos that went viral on the internet about this phenomenon. This happens when bounce house operators don’t secure the bouncer to the ground. In my opinion, companies should be more responsible and knowledgeable when securing these types of equipment.

What’s your responsibility when hiring a party rental bounce house?

You need to be aware that these injuries can get you in deep trouble if they happen in your property. That’s the main reason parks ask us for our insurance and licenses. When a kid or adult gets hurt the first question is who is at fault? If it’s the equipment at fault, the company can be liable. If it’s because there wasn’t any supervision that can fall on the property owner or renter.

So what happens when injuries happen and the company has no insurance and the owner is broke and your medical bill is $100,000?

Look, we are not saying this happens a lot but it happens and we as a bounce house rental company will try to protect you as much as possible. So make sure you hire an insured licensed party rentals Miami company like Adventureland Party rentals. We are affordable but also we make sure all our equipment is in perfect shape and clean.