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Types of Inflatable Castles you can pick for your Children’s Party

Types of Inflatable Castles

Today, they are many types of inflatable castles and bounce house rentals that have become more popular because of their demand at parties. From birthday celebrations to carnivals to school fundraisers, inflatable castles are a popular item.

Even though there are many fun inflatables and bounce house rentals, it is essential to pick the best one for your kid’s birthday party theme. Whatever you pick, your children will have long hours of fun while you relax in your lawn chair supervising!

Usually, inflatables and Miami bounce house rentals fall will into these categories below:

Types of Inflatable Castles and Bounce House Rentals

Bounce house Rentals Miami Frozen theme Bouncer

One of the best and most popular inflatables that people always rent is our bounce house combo units. The bounce house rentals are exciting for all children and even some adults. Young girls love playing princess in their pink mansion. Also, adolescent boys enjoy bounce house rentals since they can be Super-heroes, or a wizard performing magic tricks in their mystery castle.

At Party Rentals Miami, we offer many bounce houses. For instance, inflatable castles come in various themes and colors to match a wide range of party topics. If you are looking for something cheap, you can find neutral colored castles that you can lease for both boys and girls.

Also, bounce house rentals come in many shapes and sizes to match people’s budgets. For example, some inflatables have unique frame structures, while others have tall towers in the corners plus slides.

Mini Inflatable Castle Combos and Play Centers

Mini combos and small play centers are ideal for kids between three and seven years old. Likewise, they can add value for people trying to make some extra money and charities who need some funding. Some of these mini combos measure under eight feet tall.

Their height permits them to be used inside garages, basements, attics, etc. Since they occupy less room, they can also function in a living or a large dining area by moving some furniture.

Another advantage of mini combos is that parents can still throw a birthday event to a child who celebrates it in the winter. Usually, children can’t jump or slide outside during the winter since it’s freezing, but with an inside mini combo, they can. Besides, it works well for business owners who want their business to keep running during slow winter.

Mini combos are also light and can be effortlessly shipped in the back of a truck. People can use these units for preschools and childcare centers, as they can easily fit inside a classroom. Often, these units are leased to a school for an entire school week and afterward leased again for a birthday celebration. It is perfect for a business or someone who needs to make extra cash, so the investment can payback in less than a month.

People can use play centers for inside usage. These units have interactive components like slides and small obstacle courses for much fun.

Dry-Wet Water Slide Rentals

Inflatable Water slide rentals

Slides can come in many choices: dry, wet, wet, and dry. The manufacturers design these slides according to their usage and people’s requests. Remember that a dry slide has no hump or turn, but a water slide can have humps and turns, as water makes it possible.

Slides provide much excitement and fun, and fundraisers and charities can use them as pay-per-play on many occasions. Taller slides are more exciting, and with double lanes, kids will love to compete and slide side by side. There is a significant worth for business owners and our customers alike.

If you’re uncertain about the slide to lease or buy, it might be smart to purchase one that people can use wet or dry, as they can use it all year round. With a wet and dry unit, you can lease the slide as a water slide in the summer, and as a dry slide in the winter. Wet and dry slides usually come in two parts: the slide, and a detachable pool or a landing mattress.

Inflatable Obstacle Courses

inflatable obstacle course

A fun and interactive inflatable that has grown in popularity is the inflatable obstacle course. These fun inflatables combine different games in one large inflatable, where children can climb, jump, slide, and move through pins to the finish line.

Plus, many inflatable combo units use obstacle course elements inside their design. These inflatables are fun because they combine the bounce house rentals with a couple of extra activities.

The inflatable combo unit works well for parties where children of various ages are present. All children will find something fun and exciting on the obstacle course. These inflatable obstacle courses come in many sizes and colors.

Interactive and Fun Inflatable Games

Interactive and Fun Inflatable Games give exciting entertainment to your clients, particularly sports lovers. These units are extraordinary for the serious bunch and can increase their value for various occasions.

You can use interactive and inflatable games for boxing, jousting, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and more. This class of inflatables additionally includes units, for example, thrilling zip lines and inflatable shooting galleries.

As you can see, they are many types of inflatable castles and bouncers for people to rent. Plus, you can rent an affordable small bounce house or a giant obstacle course for many guests.