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Top Children Birthday Party Games

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Nowadays, bounce house rentals, balloons and presents are the standard kid birthday party decorations. However, it’s also a custom to play games, particularly, games chose by the birthday child. With so many details to remember, a few games can be more detriment than fun.

That is why party rentals in Miami, Florida, top specialists made this list right below and included the best kid’s games that can add the most fun to your celebration. Let’s check out our top seven birthday party games: 

Musical Chairs 

How-to play musical chairs? Step-4
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Musical chairs bring satisfaction and somewhat a competitive feel. Children circle a group of seats as the music plays, however, there’s one less seat than players.  When the music stops by a supervising guardian, all children need to quickly find a seat.

Whoever stays without a seat is out. For the following round, remove a seat and do the same. You can even exchange the seats for cushions on the ground or even have children sit on the ground and the last to sit is out. Then, you may give prizes such as a gift card or a big bag of party candy!

Duck Duck Goose 

Another oldie but a top choice, the Duck Duck Goose game requires some skill and agility to get away from the clutches of the fox!  All the kids sit in a circle facing one another. These children are known as ducks and they choose one to be the fox who runs around the circle, tapping everyone on the head and saying “duck” until they pick somebody to be the “goose.” 

The goose gets up and pursues the fox around the circle with the outcomes of beating the fox back to that empty seat. When the fox arrives first, the goose turns into the fox. If the goose arrives first, the fox must attempt once more. 



Are you ready for waves of laughter? Gather the children in a circle but far away from one another so they can’t hear each other whispering. Make the birthday child think about a sentence she needs to pass along, the sentence could be anything. After, she needs to whisper it in the child’s ear on her right side.

However, she/he just gets one try to say the sentence. Then, the following kid must make sense of what they said and pass the message to the next kid to their right. The last child must get the message and say it out loud so everyone can hear it. Finally, the birthday kid must say the first sentence so everyone can hear how far and senseless the phrase became. 

Simon Says 

Catch up on the child’s listening aptitudes while they play with this birthday game. The birthday child is Simon and everyone has to follow whatever she/he says. The birthday child begins the commands by saying Simon says and the children must do it.

But listen if the birthday child says to do something without first saying “Simon says” whoever does that activity loses. Last child standing wins a prize! 

Red Light, Green Light 


This game is silly! Have children stand on a line all in a row with each other. Separate the birthday kid from them facing away. Then, when the birthday child says “green light” every child can move quickly to her. After she says “red light,” they all must stop.

Any participant who keeps moving is out. The birthday child can continue switching between red and green until somebody reaches her. That individual who reaches the birthday kids is the champ. 

Bubble Wrap Race 

The game will have everyone laughing so what do you need? Well, a large roll of bubble wrap. Put a 4 to 5 foot piece of it down on the ground in some kind of open space. Then, have the children cross the bubble wrap shoeless without popping no bubbles.

When someone reaches the other side first without popping no bubbles wins! You can even divide kids into teams and make a face-off. 

Scavenger Hunt 

Apple guide hands scavenger hunt

Every age group will love Scavenger Hunt, and there are two ways to play the game. The first approach is to outline a map and give the children photos of the clues along the route. Along with the clues, they will discover a treasure or reward (candy or small toys).

The other modern way to play is for children to bring their own cameras or smartphones and take pictures of things or scenes on the list. Whoever finds the most things on the list wins.