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Rent Tables for Events-More Affordable Than Buying Furniture

rent tables for events and weddings

Rent tables for events to create the perfect atmosphere. You will always need chairs and tables, no matter the type of gathering. Leasing an event rental package will make the occasion even more outstanding while saving you time and money during the planning process. 

Let’s find out below what makes renting party tables and chairs a preferable option instead of buying furniture for spectacular events:

When Planners Rent Tables for Events, they Save Cash

save cash on table and chair rentals

Buying the cheapest tables and chairs would increase the cost of accommodating many guests. Organizing numerous events throughout the year will increase the price of transportation and storage while leaving the furniture unusable. 

The total transportation and storage costs will be very high. You will find it easier to manage your budget if you rent tables because the cost will only be a small portion of the purchase price for the one-time event.

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Make Versatile Seating Options for Events with Tables

You should ensure everyone has a spot to sit and enjoy the food from a nice table, whether you are having a large corporate conference or a wedding. It would be more convenient for the hosts to avoid headaches if they rented the tables and other necessary furniture.

You can seat your guest vertically or horizontally or whatever the preference is.

Table and Chair Rental Companies have Delivery & Setup Services

Self-setting the tables would take more of your event planning time and be difficult. You will be diverted from your intended hosting duties on this day. You have a solution to prevent this stress and inconvenience; hire a party rental; they can help with setup and transportation.

Many Table Style Choices when you Rent Furniture 

Every event or occasion has its own atmosphere and topic. Thus, it is crucial that your furniture complements your event to enhance its appeal. The rental companies for chairs and tables offer a wide range of sizes and styles, making it easy to choose the ideal match for your décor.

Buying Tables Means Spending Cash on Maintenance

Considering purchasing event furniture? Remember, the furniture needs maintenance. Yes, maintaining tables and chairs would be necessary when you buy them. However,  by hiring a party rental business, the supplies will arrive in perfect condition, and you won’t need any last-minute fixes.

The stress that comes with party preparation is considerable. Any gathering involves considerations for things like seating arrangements, catering, and entertainment. You can make your furniture appealing and increase the interest of your guests by focusing on the tablecloth’s rentals and chair covers to create the event of your dreams.

How many Tables do You Need to Rent for the Event?

table seating guide

You can quickly determine how many tables you will need to rent once you know how many attendees will be coming to the celebration. 

Check the table guide for seating guests below: 

  • 5-foot round tables can seat 8-10 guests.
  • 6-foot round tables can seat 10-12 people.
  • 6-foot banquet tables can seat 6-8 people.
  • 8-foot banquet tables can seat 8-10 guests.
  • Most farm tables can seat between 6-10 people.

Rent Tables and Linens for Events Like Weddings

tables-chairs-rentals for events like weddings

Linen rentals are a requirement when leasing round and banquet tables. Table and chair rentals go to great lengths to maintain the quality of their items. Yet, they moved the tables and chairs around so frequently that wear and tear is unavoidable. 

Except for wedding farm tables, consider covering the tables you rent. Even with the proper linens set up, you will see a few dings or scrapes, so don’t be shocked to pay fees.

White linens are by far the most popular color cloth for weddings and classical events since it’s simple to add matching napkins, table runners, or centerpieces. However, consider picking a different color linen to spice up the occasion! It is suggested to acquire additional sets of linens when renting them in case something spills.