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Make the best Mickey Mouse Bounce House Rental Party Ever!

Bounce House Rental Services in Miami FL

When you’re throwing a party and expect many kids as guests, leasing a Mickey Mouse bounce house rental in Miami is a great entertainment choice. Inflatable castles give much fun time to children, enabling the grown-up visitors to enjoy their time away with their friends.

The truth is there is nothing as famous and fun as inflatable castles, particularly about a kids’ gathering. Usually, these colorful inflatables attract kids like magnets to metal. However, a Mickey Mouse Bounce House Rental will do the trick if you plan to excite and surprise your son.

Don’t worry; if Mickey Mouse is not your kid’s favorite cartoon character, there are many more to choose from. These extraordinary bouncers typically work by keeping kids mentally and health-wise active.

Inflatable castles can guarantee a fruitful gathering if you follow a couple of pointers. Follow these tips to ensure your party rental in Miami party is a success.

Consider the Space for the Mickey Mouse Bounce House Rental

Mickey Mouse Bounce House Rental

Inflatable castles come in numerous shapes and sizes. These inflatable castles could come specifically for toddlers and fit indoors as significant commercial inflatables businesses use to profit. When renting the perfect bounce house, ensure a precise measurement of how much area you have accessible.

Remember, you will require more space for the remainder of the gathering items—seats, tables, barbecues, buffet tables, music, and much more. You can narrow your selections and pick something that accommodates your space and guest count when you know how many square feet you have.

Rent a Generator for a Suitable Power Supply

The best way to guarantee a suitable power source for the blower to inflate the bouncer is by renting a generator. If you use energy from your home, you will need extension cords. However, significant bouncers take a lot of power to inflate.

Thus, you must ensure your home’s energy is strong enough to pump air continuously to keep the bounce house sturdy since kids jump a lot and often lower it. Converse with your merchant about which inflatable castles will fit your space and what power sources are available for the type of bounce house you rent.

Know the Type of Floor to put the Bouncer

Talk about your site with the seller when making your kid’s bounce house party. For example, if the outside floor space is grass, concrete, or indoor, you may need extra supplies like sandbags, tarps, and tie-downs to secure the bouncer properly.

If the party site isn’t your property, you have to talk to the Private Park or event space management regarding the bounce house. Usually, these venues may have rules and policies regarding inflatable castles, so make sure you oblige.

Follow the Bounce House Party Safety Rules

Inflatable jumping castle, playground for kids with slides

Inflatable castles are fun; however, if you don’t follow the bounce house safety rules, the fun can quickly transform into misfortune. Two essential rules: Ensure you know about the capacity of the inflatable castle, just as the proper age requirement. It’s enticing to allow the children to run and be crazy, but top inflatable castle guidelines require grown-up supervision.

  • If you throw a party and invite many children of different ages and sizes, have them appreciate the inflatable castle in their age and size groups.
  • Ultimately, you don’t want teenagers jumping with five-year-olds since older kids are heavier and can hurt the younger, smaller children.
  • Likewise, ensure children remove their shoes, jewelry, and glasses and empty their pockets.
  • No rough playing or horse-playing allowed.
  • Finally, disclose the guidelines to the children, just as the consequences when they don’t follow them.

Tables and chairs

Yes, it’s a party, and you will need some chairs and tables for your guests to sit and eat. You won’t need Chiavari chairs for children’s parties, but a few comfortable folding chair rentals will do just fine. You could rent metal or wooden folding seats since they come in many colors and styles.

Usually, table rentals come with chairs. So 50 chairs for guests will get you a few round, square, and even rectangular tables. However, use long rectangular for significant parties.

Mickey Mouse Bounce House Party Decorations

Mickey Mouse Party Cake
Cake with white cream and figurines from Mastic

Set the table with Mickey Mouse-themed decorations, and you’ll give your visitors the best Disney experience. You could rent items such as plates, cups, napkins, and table covers featuring printed pictures of Mickey.

Adorable and quite fun – the children will cherish it. Combine these with balloons, centerpieces, party favors, Mickey Mouse cake, and a bounce house. You have yourself the best theme party ever.