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How to throw Valentine’s Day party for Kids?

top Valentine's Day Kids Party Tips

Anyone can throw a remarkable Valentine’s Day party for kids! You don’t need much to get it started since you can buy decorations from us. Our top Party Rentals Kendall experts know Valentine’s Day offers people so many ways to show love. But particularly more ways to love their children. Valentine also provides many opportunities to help kids show how much they love their friends, classmates, and loved ones. Throwing Valentine’s Day party for kids is a great way to celebrate the day.

We have many Valentine’s Day ideas, regardless of whether you’re hosting a home party, assisting one at school, or showing your children how much you care for them. If you want some pointers to read below our expert party rentals in Kendall tips for a happy Valentine’s Day party:

Lets Show you How to throw Valentines Day Party for Kids

Party Rentals Kendall- Throwing a kids Valentine's Day party.

Hosting your own party is easy if you prepare ahead. First, you’ll want to know when you will hold the gathering on, for example, February 14, the day or at the end of the weekend. Also, it helps if you coordinate it with different parents who are eager to give a hand or other Valentine’s Day party ideas you can use.

The decoration is simple if you purchase them from us: balloons, crepe paper, decorations, chairs, tables, and hearts in pinks and red are straightforward to find.

An excellent Valentine’s Day idea for kids is to hold a cookie decorating party. Make a significant batch of sugar cookies cut into heart shapes, and give kids pink, red, and white icing for delicious treats. Add a few sprinkles, chocolate chips, and candies to the mix, and the children can decorate the treats for each other or their families. Then, let the children eat their share of cookies and send the leftovers home in loot bags.

Valentine’s Day Games

After the treats, entertain them with a round of Pin the Arrow on Cupid (or make your own game). Yes, get a poster of Cupid and get ready for some fun. Children sit around, you set a clock, and every kid tries to pin an arrow on Cupid. To the winners, you give, you guessed it, candy and cookies.

Bounce House Rentals


Yes, Kendall Florida bounce house rentals function well for Valentine’s Day kid’s parties. Either for a party or school fundraiser, these inflatables can have the kids jumping and busy while you enjoy the gift of giggles.

Inflatable castle comes in many sizes and styles, but kids want to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Throw a Valentine’s Day party at school for Kids

School Valentine’s ideas need to be fun, but you may use this time to teach kids something positive too. If you have some ideas for kids, talk with their teacher early and offer a Valentine-themed treat for the day. For example, instead of sugar treats, you can opt for traditional fruits since giving too much sugar won’t get approved by the principal.

Don’t limit school Valentine’s ideas to exchanging cards with classmates. Instead, help with Valentine’s Day art, for example, making paper heart wreaths or cutting paper hearts to make frames for photos of the kids.

If arts aren’t your thing, what about Valentine’s Day school activity for a good cause? Consider making a classroom care package for soldiers, visiting a nursing home, or filling bags with school supplies for homeless children. Likewise, children can learn how to write and send letters by writing and mailing letters to their folks.

Celebrating with your Child on Valentine’s Day should be Fun for you too!

If you can’t throw a party for financial reasons or others, then give your child love another way. Use these Valentine’s Day ideas below for children to make the day extra special.

Start the day with a hug and a Valentine’s Day surprise, similar to a special breakfast of hotcakes with strawberries and cream. Then, slip a treat into their lunch box, along with a note telling him how much he’s/she’s cherished.

After school, plan a particular date—just you and your little one. Whether you go to the zoo or have a meal out of a popular children’s restaurant, you will make your kid’s Valentine’s Day memorable.


Lastly, end your unforgettable day with a cuddle and a personalized bedtime story, helping them remember the note you sent early in the day. Finally, a goodnight kiss and another hug to end the day, and you have yourself an adoring Valentine’se’s Day your youngster will recall for much time.