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Girls and princesses

Frozen jump house

Many girls have grown up believing that they can act like the princesses of Disney with no more weapons than their beauty and their tears, they face a hostile world that they perceive similar to that of the movies and they go through life waiting for a prince to save them. The girls are thrilled with a doll or a Frozen jump house for their birthdays, which brighten the hearts of their parents.

Since the advent of the gigantic Disney corporation, there have been a number of studies that have analyzed the influence of their productions on many generations of children, such as the classic book by Dorfman and Mattelart called “To read Donald Duck,” which makes an analysis of the political implications of the Donald Duck comics. In recent decades, the rise of gender studies has given Disney a special place in its research on feminine and masculine stereotypes, even many Christian sects have attributed to their films mysterious powers of manipulation of children’s minds through subliminal messages. That’s why, when a little boy asks for a Frozen jump house for his birthday, many times we think that something is wrong.

Frozen jump house

While in recent years Disney has managed to turn the conception of human relationships in his films, it is undeniable that for decades many of us grew up with their classics. Those animated films that collected the old fairy tales whose protagonists, the famous princesses of Disney, have become the favorite toy of the girls of the world.

Disney princesses

Although on the outside they are different, basically all Disney princesses have an identical story in which only the stage and the narrative actions change: the princess, beautiful, noble and naive, receives a symbolic prohibition that she cannot overcome alone. Throughout history, she receives help from different gregarious characters who emancipate her until finally, the prince rescues her definitively. The princess is always subordinate, in principle to an evil entity, whatever it may be, and subsequently to her own prince; she is unable to face her own problems and her chief virtue, which the prince falls in love with, is her beauty.

Many girls in the world have grown up believing that they can act or think like princesses with no weapons other than their beauty and their tears, they face a hostile world that they perceive similar to that of the movies and go through life waiting for a prince to Hail. The girls, who formerly depended on their parents, now cling to their prince so as not to succumb; some of them take this unconscious interaction model to the extreme and expect their men to show them the world, to teach them to love, to think, to live.

Women who think they are princesses have understood that the role of the woman is home, like Snow White, who is responsible for cleaning the dwarf’s hut, or as Cinderella forced to work for her stepsisters, while the prince is the brave one provides what is necessary for her to live, just like a princess. These little princesses of flesh and blood are selfish and infinitely naive, they think they are the center of the world. They believe that the men who approach are like satellites that must orbit around their bubble and, worst of all, there are many men who they are followed by the game.

evil entity

Disney princesses are morally perfect

All Disney princesses are morally perfect, that is, they are kind, have a soul free of guilt and always act correctly. This is because, when a real-life princess suffers, she assumes that it is not her fault but an external factor that oppresses her, as in the movies, because evil does not dwell in her. In her considerations, there will never be self-criticism or reflection because, as a good princess, she is incapable of thinking for herself. These women who ate the story of the movies believe that they do well and that the world is the one who is wrong. They confuse their opinion with the truth and act accordingly. When they drown in their problems, they tearfully call their prince or the fairy godmother to save them because they cannot face and overcome their own issues.