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7 Bounce House for Kids-Safety Tips

Bouncy House Rentals for jumping kid's

Children love to play in a bounce house for kids, but parents need to ensure their safety first.

Youngsters can have a lot of fun in bouncers, but ensuring safety measures is crucial. You and your loved ones may enjoy the next unique occasion worry-free by following these straightforward safety recommendations. 

Bounce house rentals in Miami, FL, are a favorite among kids and some adults. So it’s wise to go the extra mile to ensure everyone enjoys their bouncy house party experience.

The top inflatable castle tips for a kid’s successful party have been collected below since we have received numerous calls from people looking for information on leasing an inflatable safely.

Age Requirements for Kids to Safely Bounce on an Inflatable

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Typically, children shouldn’t jump on a bouncer under two. Children should jump with other kids their exact size and age. It rarely works out well when you mix 3-year-olds with 10-year-olds. 

1. Keep up the Bounce House Supervision

Supervision is the most essential advice we can provide you to keep your kids safe while they play on a bouncer. Children are creative; they will develop various methods to play in an inflatable that endangers themselves or others since it looks fun.

When children jump on a bounce house, ensure that at least one parent watches them. The parent supervising should ideally be attentive, undistracted, and have a close-up, unobstructed view of what is going on within the jumping castle. In addition, consider having a first aid kit to provide treatment in the case of an accident, from bandages for scraped knees to the proper procedures for a fractured bone.

2. Make sure the Bounce House is Set Up Correctly

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A bounce house rental supplier can do the setup, ensuring it is securely attached, inflated correctly, and safe for bouncing. While strong winds can rip a bouncer away and hurt kids, this never occurs when the bounce house is securely tie-down. However, don’t let children play in the bouncer when winds or gust above 15km is forecasted.

3. Place The Inflatable Jumper In A Level, Open Area

The amount of area that bounce houses need to function correctly will vary. However, more giant inflatables frequently require vast free spaces with horizontal and vertical rooms. Ensure the location setup has no nearby tree branches, power cables, or other obstacles.

A level area is necessary for safety. The perfect location is a yard or patio, where the surface is soft like turf, but pavement can work too. You can also use a site where the bounce house can be tied down, like a significant driveway or park.

4. Ban These Items from Entering the Bounce House

Ensuring these items below do not enter the bounce house is a crucial safety factor.

  • Sharp Objects-Sharp objects pose a risk to the bounce house in addition to being a risk to youngsters. For example, injuries to kids with issues with deflation might worsen if the bounce house is punctured.
  • Food and beverage-Food can present a choking risk. Food is also messy, and a spilled drink on an inflatable might be a slippery danger. Additionally, it needs cleaning and can subsequently cause fees for your rental business.
  • Hard objects. Don’t allow any hard thing inside the bouncer that may injure someone if landed on it. Dolls, water guns, cars, and other hard toys you should not allow inside a bounce house.
  • Glasses and jewelry. Sharp jewelry may puncture the outermost layer of the bouncer and present a risk if it snags on something inside it. Glasses can break and cause cuts, necklaces can choke children, and jewelry like earrings can become trapped and rip the skin off the ears when they try to pull out.
  • Check children entering the bounce house since kids love to sneak things into places they shouldn’t.

Do you need more inflatable castle safety tips? Read Bounce House Rental Safety Guide.

5. Observe and Limit Activity

Children and some adults can jump around in bounce houses. But flips, somersaults, and other types of rough play can be harmful. So, promote safe play and halt excessive behavior because most inflatable castle injuries result from rough play.

6. Select the Right Size Bouncer

pink water slide $200

The bouncer’s size and whether you need to rent more than one will depend on the age and number of children attending the party. Small inflatables can hold fewer people. There are bounce houses for kids of almost all ages, from toddler bounce enclosures to giant inflatables and obstacle courses designed for teenagers and adults. 

It may be preferable to separate your guests periodically to ensure that the right age groups of kids are playing simultaneously. Bigger kids are typically more active, though smaller kids also want to have fun. It means a bigger child can fall on a small kid and cause harm. Permit just specified age groups to enter at a time. 

7. Keep the Number of Kids Playing to what the Bounce House Recommends

The majority of bounce houses have a number capacity. Therefore, several kids should enter simultaneously for safety, even though more might want to join too. However, limit the number of youngsters who can fit inside the bounce house to a few, not a dozen at once, depending on its size. 

Remember, more space can be provided with giant inflatables and bounce castles. Contact the manufacturer or the Miami party rental business for information on the proper capacity.

You might try to rent an inflatable obstacle course or water slide for rent in Miami for kids who might want to join in the fun but are becoming too big for a standard bounce house at your celebration.