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5 Things to Consider Before Renting an Inflatable Waterslide

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Since everyone enjoys playing in the water on a hot, sunny day, renting an inflatable waterslide has been extremely popular. It is a great way to have fun while keeping cool. All age groups can enjoy them because the slides are available in various sizes appropriate for adults.

When there isn’t a beach or pool nearby, they are a fantastic way to host a water-themed part. Renting inflatable bounce house rentals are in high demand as more people opt for this since it is safe, convenient, affordable, and appealing.

1. Planning the Inflatable Water Slide Rental Setup

An inflatable water slide is simple to set up on your patio. But you need enough room to set up the water slide. Miami’s hired bounce house rental does it all for you. Professionals will handle the setup, so you won’t need to worry about it.

2. Consider these Things Before Renting an Inflatable WaterSlide

water slide rental into a pool

Consider the following inquiries when deciding whether to hire an inflatable water slide. 

  • How much money am I ready to spend? 
  • How much space does my water slide rental take? 
  • Will you invite adults or children to the event? 

Now, you can plan the party correctly. There are small, medium, and enormous inflatable slides available. Prices change by the inflatable’s size and rental timeframe. According to Fash, small water slide costs about $150 to $250 per day to rent, whereas larger ones cost $300-$500. There are also single and double sliding lanes available. With each rise in size, the price and dimensions change.

3. You need Water for Proper Sliding on Water Slides!

Although it may seem like a simple suggestion, you’d be astonished at how few people consider water availability before installing a water slide. Most inflatables just require power to run the pumps that maintain proper airflow. A water slide requires water to fill the pool and keep the slide wet for safety and easy sliding. 

You usually only need a 50- or 100-foot hose and a home water connection. Water usage for a water slide is higher than your typical daily usage, so if you have questions regarding payment or an increase, you should contact your water provider.

You should also ensure your water source is accessible for recreational purposes. Many counties impose water rationing or consumption limitations during summer, so consider renting a waterslide with a small pool instead.

4. Check That You Have Enough Space For A Water Slide

An inflatable slide needs enough space for a comfortable setup for safety’s sake. The area here should be big enough to fit the slide without being obstructed by the building or trees. 

We usually suggest a flat grass surface for slides, but a concrete surface might also be effective. It is best to have a flat surface; don’t set up an inflatable slide on a steep slope or rocky floor. When the slide angle is increased, it becomes unsafe to use, and when it is decreased, it becomes more challenging to slide down.

Talk with your Miami bounce house rental to ensure it is safe for sliding. Others will require more room than others, and others will feel safer on grass rather than concrete.

5. Verify That You’re Renting An Inflatable Water Slide Rental and Not a Dry Slide

It’s not always possible to utilize inflatables as water slides. A pool is usually at the end of a water slide, so you can slide into it for a pleasant splash and stop gently. They are also built to be watertight and made of more durable, water-resistant materials. 

You cannot use a dry slide in water since they are made of different materials. Usually, people rent dry slides when water is not available. If you add water to a dry slide, you can ruin it.

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