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10 Must-Have Party Rental Supplies for a Birthday Celebration

Mickey Mouse birthday party

If you’re throwing a birthday party for the family, then our top party rental supplies checklist will assist you with getting organized before the big day! Our Party Rentals in Kendal, Florida equipment and party supplies list will help you ensure everything goes easily. If you don’t have any party planning skills, you can still toss a fun party for your child or loved one.

Usually, parties are about bringing people together and having some good times. However, remembering the family unity and fun time all through the process and using the party rental supplies list will help you toss perhaps the best party ever.

So, party supplies are an essential part of any gathering. Without the basic party supplies near me, like decorations and food, you’ll find yourself at a disadvantage. Check below the ten must-have party supplies:

  1. Theme
  2. Balloons
  3. Decorations
  4. Favors
  5. Piñatas
  6. Tableware
  7. Bounce house
  8. Party food, cake, and refreshments
  9. Tables and chairs
  10. Concession machine rentals

Theme party

You should know that having a birthday party theme will make it much easier for the host. Yes, the birthday planner or host can find decoration like linens and décor that matches the theme.

You can do a children’s theme like Spiderman or Batman, or for girls, you can try a Princess or Disney theme celebration. Adults can have fun throwing an 80s or 70s party with all the attire that goes with the party.


Party Rental Supplies for a Birthday Celebration

Balloons make it simple to decorate as there colorful and take a lot of space. You can pin them on the wall, lay them on the floor or fill them up with helium and make the balloons hang tied with ribbons.

Also, balloons and their matching decorations are cheap to buy; besides, they have changed a lot in their design. For example, people would blow up colorful balloons with lung air back then, almost staying out of breath. But now helium balloons have gotten bigger needing a rented helium tank for the extra blowing.

However, there are still fun to play with, particularly children who like to blow them up.

Party Rental Supplies-Decorations

party rental supplies and decorations

Have you ever been to a party without decorations? Yes, I have, and it looks dull, poor, and instead, the party looked and felt like a family get-together. So, if you want to throw a fabulous party, then use party decorations that may match your theme.

When your guest first enters the area, the impression will be wow, and the smiles will make you feel like you’ve done well. I understand now everyone will like your style, but they will appreciate the effort, and in the end, who cares just enjoy it.

Party Rental Supplies-Favors

Hosts usually underrate party favors or gift bags. But they do send a thank-you notice to your guest of how much you appreciate and enjoy their company. Children’s gift bags should include small toys, candy, chocolate, noisemakers, etc. Remember, party favor aren’t only about children and giving them toys and candy.

If you throw an all-women party, provide a small shampoo, Avon deodorant roll or perfumes, brush, makeup, lipstick in the gift bag. Trust me; your friends will love it.


horse pinata for birthday party

When people hear the piñata party, they usually think of a Mexican party. However, today people of all countries make piñatas since there is so much fun to smack around. Plus, the host fills them up with candy, toys, money, and other small items that children and some adults can scramble to get.

It will make for a great birthday party video of uncles and aunts diving on the floor fighting for candy for their toddlers. Yes, it does happen.

Tableware and Decor

Lovely linen or tableware matched your decorations and theme, and you finished your birthday party look. Try not to use white for a children’s party as white linens will get filthy, and you might throw them away or pay the party rental supplies for replacements. At weddings, white linens look tremendous, but for birthdays people are wilder, meaning more spilled drinks, food, and the occasional cigarette burn.

Buy tableware and linens from the party rental supplier that look colorful, for example, blue, pink, red, and even yellow, to match your theme. Some linens come with the drawn cartoon or theme of your child’s birthday that will save you from the research of finding the right color tableware.

Tableware also includes plates, napkins, cups, and spoons or forks. You can either purchase disposable items or rent Fine China or porcelain flatware if you’re throwing something grander.

Bounce House Rentals

Mickey mouse bounce houce
Mickey mouse bounce house rental

Inflatable castles, moonwalks, or bounce house rentals near me are great for children’s parties, adult parties, church fundraisers, and even school charities. Often, with the proper supervision, you have your very own nanny. Yes, imagine 20 wild running around children bored with nothing to do, but magically a bounce house appears.

You will instantly make your party a hit. Children will bounce and play nonstop for hours on these colorful inflatable castles, allowing parents to socialize. Plus, the kids can play and leave tired, giving parents another benefit of having a tired, sleepy child. Trust me; the parents will thank you.

Water slides rentals come dry slide or wet slide and are perfect for cooling off from summer heat. Now, if you would like something significant and with more features, instead of renting an inflatable obstacle course so kids can run around and compete for hours.

Party Foods

When children hear party food, they instantly think of cake. But party food has changed from the pizza boxes, cokes, and dozens of chicken wings we usually see at parties. Now, people want kids to eat healthier, and they expect some fruits, natural juices, water bottles, and non-fried foods as food options.

I know you probably think it is too much. Yet, some changes can hurt, and you will provide another easy option to your guests other than pizza and coke. I recommend not to serve alcohol at children’s parties; however, for adults, parties enjoy some drinks with caution as you don’t want to drink and drive. If you get tipsy, ask someone to call a taxi and pick up the car the next day.

Now, about cake, the most delicious treat for most children and me. I like my chocolate cake, but sometimes we don’t have the time to make it so buy one from the bakery store. The taste usually doesn’t change, satisfying all your guests. You can ask for recommendations on a good cake maker so you can purchase a delicious cake.

Party Table and Chair Supplies Near Me

party chair and table rental supplies

For small parties, ten or less, borrow some chairs and two tables. However, rent chair and table rental packages from party rentals supply merchants that will help you accommodate all of your guests for significant parties.

I’ve seen many people stand at many parties, eating their food standing up, and having a fake smile while the children hang on. Instead, purchase enough chairs and tables so your guest may sit and eat relaxed. Also, putting drinks on the floor and your child spilling it won’t have a good taste of remembrance for your visitors.

Concession Machine Rentals

Concession machine rentals in Miami

If you don’t mind the healthy food tip, then snacks can work admirably at your party. Concession machine rentals can provide the snacks you need while providing your guests with more options.

Many food machines exist, such as:

  • Hot dog machine
  • Cotton candy machine
  • Chocolate fountain
  • Popcorn machine
  • Frozen drink machines (with alcohol or not)
  • Snow Cone machine