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What the first thing that comes to our minds when we see a carnival event?


Pop corn machine
Popcorn Machine













How they make does cotton candy treats and snow cones.

They look yummy, right?

Looking for the best machines to help you make an event even better.

The price?

They don’t cost too much and since there only rented for a day you will take more than one with you.

Not just cotton candy or snow cones machines but also hot dog maker and a grill if you want to make your party a cookout.

Most Miami party rentals carry a wide range of machines and the best part very affordable.


Popcorn maker

A popcorn maker is a machine used to pop popcorn.

Popcorn has been a snack for more than a 100 years, produced when kernels of the heated corn explode.

Charles Cretors made business popcorn machines in the late nineteenth century.

Party rentals Miami offers perfect, superb popcorn machine rentals for all your gathering needs!

From popcorn makers that put out 50 portions for every request to some that push more than 100 servings of 6 oz bags, this tasty snack is extraordinary for celebrations, festivals, birthday gatherings, or anytime you want to invite friends to enjoy the day.

Add some flavor to your next party.

Hot dog machine


Hot dog machines demonstrate the adaptability of the sausage from the steamer to the grill or the microwave to the fryer.

Regardless of whether you are using them on a truck in an eatery or a snack bar hot dog machines make serving our most loved past time food and make the work less demanding.

For ages, hot dog gear has helped serve up hot and succulent franks on a wide range of occasions.

Sausage machines can do everything from warming buns to steaming the franks themselves.

Over the recent 100 years, sausage machines have advanced into productive, cash creators!

Not only does your hot dog look fun from the device but impressive on a stand for a party instead of looking plain from a microwave.


Snow cones machines

A summer top pick, snow cones are an incredible method for chilling everybody off.

Children merely cherish these beautiful treats, and they can make a snow cone in every shade of the rainbow colors.

Snow cones served in paper cones or paper cups.

The pastry comprises of ice shavings then finished with sugar syrup.

Guest at the party is hot or sweating from the humidity but they see a snow cone machine, and the heat disappears and turns their sorrow into bright, happy smiles again.


Cotton candy machine

To create cotton sweet or cotton candy the first device was made in 1978.

From that point, the advancements of this device have turned out to be more prominent and more notable.

The sizes vary from small home use to carnival business models.

Current machines that are made for business use 3 pounds of sugar and the ability to stock additional flavors.

The material the cotton candy machine uses is both colored and flavored.

Whenever spun, cotton sweet was first white since it is produced using sugar, yet including coloring changes the color from white to the colors we love now blue raspberry and pink vanilla.

Pretty sweet to invite the guest and instead of giving the same old candy they get at every party they receive a cotton candy the size of their heads.



A business grill has a more significant cooking limit than customary family unit grills and additional highlighting an assortment of add-ons for flexibility.

Customers buy the grills for businesses like restaurants, carnivals, food vendors, significant events, but you also buy your rack for home use or a small party.

Take your pick of grids or grills from gas or charcoal because some like their cooking cooked with radiated heat but others like gas.

Cotton candy machine
Snow cone machines