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Types of Party Table Rentals you can Lease for your Event

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Party rental in Kendall experts realizes you will need party table rentals when you throw a large or small New Years’ event. Fortunately, you don’t need to purchase all the supplies since there are many tables and chair rentals in stores you can lease items from.

Tables and chairs rentals are essential to any party or occasion, and they offer individuals a place to sit and eat, talk, or relax. Ensure you have the correct number of tables and chairs of the highest quality in style and function.

When leasing, make sure the table you rent matches the occasion’s theme. There are many party table rentals you can lease these items from, and the most popular ones are below:

Cocktail Party Table Rentals

cocktail party tables

Cocktail tables are incredible when set up around the dance floor or bar and cozier than other table styles. Your visitors can likewise make the most of their drinks and snacks before they all move into another room with a more formal setup.

People use cocktail tables for special events in the following sizes and heights: 24 inches (30 inches high), suitable for drinks and conversation 24 inches (42 inches tall), High Cocktail 30 inches (30 inches tall), Bride/Couple’suple’s Table.

Round Party Table Rentals

You can see round tables at weddings, anniversaries, dinners, fundraisers, and other formal occasions. The best part about them is that they permit a vast gathering of individuals to sit near each other encouraging conversation. However, please follow the WHO guidelines for proper distancing with the Coronavirus pandemic.

When you have an occasion with a guest speaker, be creative in organizing the tables. For example, to guarantee no visitors have their backs turned to the stage, eliminate a couple of seats from the round table.

Round tables also come in many sizes and heights. The most popular sizes are 60″ and 72″ wide tables, but also much larger.

A 60″ table can accommodate eight guests or six people in a crescent format” A 72″ table can accommodate up to ten individuals or eight in the crescent format.

Maybe you expect many more guests? Then consider renting a 96″ inch table that can seat more than twelve guests.

Rectangular Party Tables


People use rectangular tables for casual occasions. The tables are typical birthday celebrations, picnics, reunions, and sports banquets. They also work well at showing buffet-style foods.

You can organize them in any format or depending on the occasion. For example, put the tables close to one another, organize them into large rectangles, or line them in long rows.

When leasing them, make sure to look at their quality since you don’t want tables that will ruin your occasion, right? Also, if they have any imperfections, consider the proper cloth to hide their appearance.

To improve the look of wooden tables, you need to cover them with excellent linens. However, you’re leasing modern wooden tables don’t need to stress a lot over the look as they look good with no cloth.

Most table rental companies have a mix of 60″ and 72″ long rectangular tables and usually measures 30″ wide” by 29″ inches tall.

Pedestal Tables

Do you want to have a standing event, for example, reception or event? Then, maybe you should rent pedestal tables. A standard pedestal table measures 30″ in diameter across an adjustable height ranging from 29″ to 36″ tall.

Because of their silhouettes and balanced lines, pedestal tables look like functional art. That is why you see them in foyers and spaces that are difficult to decorate because of their compact size. Instead, design these tables with many flowers that will enhance their look much more.

Besides using the tables for visitors to put their drinks while standing, they likewise make fantastic food displays, cashier stations, and speaker tables.

Crescent Tables

Commonly used in meeting rooms to encourage conversations, crescent tables are kidney-shaped, so not practical for many occasions.

When you throw a formal event, you can use them for your catering tables to add style to the desert stations and buffet.


Well, those were the most common tables you can lease for your occasion. But, as you saw, many tables work well for different applications. So, to take full advantage of the table rentals, lease from a reliable party rentals merchant like Adventure Land Party Rentals.

The best way to find splendid quality party table rentals is to start your search early. Maybe two or three months before the party date.