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Types of Folding Chairs

black metal folding chair rentals

Do you want to purchase folding chairs for an event? So, I will focus on several Miami chair rentals used for significant events that you could rent in a party package.

Folding chairs are made with strict guidelines for both durability and strength and are so acceptable for everyday usage. Furthermore, there are perfect if you’re looking for chairs that you will like to stack to save space. These folding seats occupy less space when stacked, and can be moved by hand with a cart or dolly.

So, let’s find out why folding Sunset chair rentals are essential for your event:

Plastic Folding Chairs

plastic white folding chairs

These seats are undoubtedly the preferred chair for merchants since there are inexpensive. Usually, people rent them for birthday parties or large informal gatherings. Manufacturers make plastic folding chairs of a tube-shaped metal frame with molded plastic seat and backrest.

The convenient thing about plastic folding seat designs is that they stack nicely when you fold the seats. So you may put one on top of the other, and then once you have thirty stacked, you could quickly move them with a cart and put them away more comfortably.

Wood Folding Chairs

Folding white wodden chairs

If you are concerned with your event’s look, wooden chairs are a step up from plastic chairs. You can’t beat the appearance and texture of wood.

These folding seats come from a variety of woods. We see them in birch, oak, and beech wood. They usually have a curved plywood backrest along with a framed seat with a detachable vinyl-covered plywood seat.

The detachable seat is essential for maintenance as it makes the cleanup of these seats much more manageable. Furthermore, it’s much simpler to purchase replacement chairs or to reupholster the seats.

Compared to plastic folding seats, wooden seats have a thicker framework, which means they will take more space when stacked.

Wooden chair rentals do not have a mechanism that prevents them from sliding off each other. However, you could screw small plastic pieces to every seat to keep the chairs stacked. You could also use straps to tie chairs collectively so that they do not tip over when stacked and get damaged.

One thing to remember is the wood is vulnerable to scratches and damage. Nearly all of the losses occur during hauling and when stacking the seats. Therefore it’s highly suggested to consider folding chair bags. They will continue to keep the chairs protected and will enhance the lifespan of your chairs.

Resin Folding Chairs

Manufacturers made resin folding chairs to look like wood chairs and have the exact frame measurements and seat design. But unlike wood, they stack nicelyl since their molded with a unique layout under the seat to stack with the other chair underneath.

Resin seats are created for durability characteristics compared to wood and made or molded from polypropylene. As a result, resin folding chairs’ colors are limited, and no wood grain options accessible.

Older chairs were subject to yellowing when exposed to too much sunlight. So producers are now utilizing UV protectants from the molding process to prevent the issue from appearing. Nevertheless, it’s well worth consulting your provider to make sure their seats have UV protectants.

Resin folding seats are comfortable to wash and maintain. You could wipe them with a damp cloth between events.

Metal Folding Chairs

White metal chairs with a rectangular wodden table

Metal folding chairs are known for their commercial strength, and you could find them used in assembly halls, churches, schools, and conference centers. Besides flexibility, you will realize there is many more combination of colors and upholstery compared to other folding chairs.

It is possible to purchase metal folding seats in plain powder-coated steel. Furthermore, you can choose many fabric-padded folding chairs for more straightforward upkeep, and many types of vinyl cushioned alternatives.

You will find carts specifically designed to store metal folding chairs providing extra space if you don’t like stacking chairs.