Top Do’s and Don’ts of Bachelorette Party Planning

Party Rentals in Miami, FL, planners realize bachelorette parties are infamous for being unforgettable, special and remarkable events to celebrate the bride-to-be before the big day. However, how do you arrange and pull off the actual occasion itself? It’s a little more difficult, right?

Don’t worry, we have you covered—take a deep breath, and look at Party Rentals Miami top seven do’s and don’ts of arranging a bachelorette party that will make the entire procedure simpler so you can design the best party ever.

Do Make It Personal

Party rentals Miami bachelorette tips

Remember this party is for the lady of the hour, so ensure you comprehend what she needs! Ask her specific questions like she wants a crazy weekend or casual evening? Maybe a fancy dinner or spa day? Focus on her preferences, regardless if they are not the same as yours or conflict with your desires.

For example, you love partying like a rock star in a hip dance club, however that is not her thing and all she wants is to relax. Do the same for other party elements, for example, games, food and drink, gifts, etc.

Don’t Overschedule

Although it appears as bachelorette parties these days are full of activities with a detailed schedule, you don’t have to plan a lot of stuff. On the whole, being together and hanging out should be the top priority! However, factor in extra time for all the other small things: chatting, preparing, taking trips to and from places, running to the party store for supplies, and simply relaxing.

Trust me: somebody will always be running late, so allow at least thirty minutes before you have to be anywhere. Remember often things will take longer than you expect, and that is alright.

Have a Back-Up Plan

Sometimes your plans can go awry, so have a back-up plan as an option. Often, somebody’s flight could be delayed, or drops out of the reservation a day before the celebration, the lady of the hour doesn’t want to do whatever you had arranged, or it starts pouring when you were going to party outside the patio all day.

Keep your cool, switch gears and go with the flow to the best of your abilities instead of fighting it. When you’re relaxed, you’ll set the tone and help keep the party rolling fine.

Try not to underestimate the cost

Lift your hand if you have attended a party where it feels like you’re continually dishing out money? Yes, definitely it happens. If you’re not careful, the list of costs never ends. Rather, set a budget with the bride, talk to everyone on the guest list to ensure it’s inside their range, and then go with it.

You could also ask individuals to share ideas of free or low-cost activities to accommodate all price ranges. Now, if somebody declines because of a high cost, don’t take it personally.

Think about who is going to pay for the bride’s portion. Let’s say the bride wants a bottle of expensive champagne at the bar is that on her? Also, confirm how everyone is going to pay their share well in advance.

Will the host pay for all of it, and get the money back later? Should the guests bring money? Will everyone split a group check at a restaurant? Best to figure costs before the beverages start rolling!

Do Ask for Social Media Permission


These days, there’s a hashtag for any event including a bachelorette party. Which is kind of cool yet could be inappropriate for many. Talk social media etiquette with the lady of the hour for example if she is cool with people snapping pictures and posting them on Facebook, Snap Chat, and, Twitter during the celebration?

Does she want to be tagged in other people’s selfies? Does she want to see herself in videos and photographs post-party? What gets recorded on the web stays on the web forever, so be considerate about what gets posted publicly to keep everybody’s profession, comfort level and reputation flawless.

Don’t worry about the guest list

If the bride request that she doesn’t want a particular person to come, don’t invite them to the party. Moreover, don’t welcome everyone either. The party is intended to be for the bride’s closest friends and relatives. Furthermore, when the bride welcomes someone you don’t like or get along with try to suck it up instead of making a show.

Do Ask for Help


When you have a plan, a list of attendees and a budget prepared, there’s no reason you can’t ask for help. A ton of work goes into arranging a great gathering, particularly for somebody you love! Allow people a chance to help instead of trying to do everything yourself. You can even request help from our Adventureland Party Rentals in Miami specialists.

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