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Throw the Best Western Style Party with Our Expert Recommendations

Western style cowboy kids party

Everyone, including party rentals in Miami, FL, and planners love throwing the best western style birthday party. So why not add Wild West to your kid’s celebration by arranging a cowboy party the children will love? We have all you need to transform your gathering into the best rodeo in town. It’s straightforward to guarantee an auspicious birthday, from making cowboy boot invitations to presenting the best decorations!

A western-style party is incredible for all kids who need to be their own Toy Story Woody or notorious Billy the Kid, or even a Native American. Our expert guide includes imaginative invites, food tips, mechanical bull rental hints, and decoration ideas to lay everything out.

Costumes and decorations

Kid cowboy costume

Regarding the party’s Western theme, send invites that look like a cowboy, cowboy hat, or horse. Plaid shirts with pants or denim skirts and even red-checked clothes are suitable. However, numerous visitors will probably bring Westerners to wear cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and a handkerchief.

You can also use cowboy hats and scarfs to decorate the food table at a Western-themed party. For instance, you can set bowls of potato chips into the middle of a cowboy hat, and you may use handkerchiefs as napkins. You can also add cowboy hat centerpieces or cake shaped like a boot and western-style party balloons.

An adrenaline-fueled mechanical bull rental for entertainment purposes

Do you want your party to get a dose of adrenaline? The mechanical bull rental is accessible for lease at your next gathering. Nothing kicks a party off like the heart-pounding, head-swinging, hand-wrestling rush of a mechanical bull in defense mode.

If you’re afraid of the ride, don’t worry; an operator can control the beast safely. Yes, anyone can jump on, so rent a mechanical bull for your next occasion. Professionals can even deal with bull rental delivery, installation, and teardown.

Birthday cake or cupcake

Like I said above, an extraordinary cake that looks like a boot seems ingenious and fun to eat. However, if a cake isn’t your thing, make cowboy or cowgirl cupcakes. They look tasty so that everyone will want one. If you have some drawing skills, try to make your cake or cupcakes. You could read some recipes online to tweak the look or top by making sheriff badges, boots, or belts with your kid’s name on the icing.

Furthermore, by adding cupcakes to the platter, you make it a lot simpler to provide youngsters the same amount of treats than cutting different size cuts of cake. Lastly, you could top off the cake or cupcakes with a red, yellow, and dark bullseye target for better impact.

Chairs, Tables, and Tent Rentals for the Best Western Style Party

Rustic table rental

Just because the young cowboys and cowgirls like to play doesn’t mean parents will want to stand the whole time. So, rent rustic-looking chairs and tables from your local party rental store. Then, feed your guests by purchasing wooden folding chairs and wood tables to give a western look.

If you’re making an outside party, rent an outdoor party tent as a weather backup plan. Often, it is burning hot, or a scattered storm can ruin our good times, so be ready with your canopy, small or large, depending on your needs.

The Best Western Style Food Recommendations

BBQ ribs

BBQ Baby Back Ribs-No western party menu is finished without some amazing BBQ baby back ribs. You can either slow cook these at a low temperature for around 4 hours on your grill or in your oven, depending on your party’s location (patio or park). Then, finish the meat with your favorite BBQ sauce for finger-licking great-tasting western food!

Home-Style Macaroni and Cheese-This mac n-cheese isn’t only for children and doesn’t come in a generic box! It is nourishing, comfort food that can please even the pickiest guest! Utilize much cheddar and top with some crisp white crumbs pieces and sprinkled melted butter before baking.

Country Fried Chicken – This is a great party food idea since it allows your visitors to socialize while they eat. Use strips of white chicken breasts and serve this crispy fried chicken with mashed potatoes and coleslaw, moreover, along with broccoli or other vegetables.

Grilled Corn on the Cob – Corn on the Cob is unmistakable for any western food party menu. Brush peeled corn with a worthy grilling sauce and barbecue for a couple of minutes until desired tenderness.

Barbecued Steaks – Western-themed party food needs meat! Tender barbecued steaks or London broil tenderloins are a delicious way to please your visitor. Sprinkle the beef with garlic salt or marinate it for 3 hours before flame broiling.

If you need help planning the best western style party for anyone, contact us today!