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The Many Advantages of Outside Event Tents

outside event tent rentals and linens

There are many benefits to renting outside event tents for an outdoor holiday party. Outdoor tent rentals can provide an excellent way for guests to enjoy the beautiful weather while staying dry. You can also take advantage of the space by setting up tables and chairs, or even a stage! In addition, outside party event tents offer plenty of shade on hot days, which is excellent. It will keep you cool and comfortable.

Another advantage is that tent rentals in Miami, FL, are much more affordable than buying a tent from your local party supply store. You can set up event tents almost anywhere, whether it’s on the beach or at a park in the woods! They also come with additional features such as lighting and heating to fit any event planned.

Outside Event Tents Rental Lighting Features

Often, people think the old tents are the ones they will rent. However, outside party tents have changed from plain white canopies. Today, tent rentals bring many accessories so you can make a superb design. From tent walls to tent lights and even tent heating, you can find everything that will make your party more awesome.

If you expect your event to go into the night, consider ceiling tent lighting. You can find tent lights that will illuminate your tent from the inside and outside.

In addition, if you want to keep it simple, there are tent lighting accessories such as tent ropes which have small LED lamps at the end of every strand. It is a good option for those who do not want their tent lit up like a Christmas tree but their design.

Tent Rental Sidewalls and Cooling

outside event tents sidewalls

If you want your event more privacy, consider adding tent sidewalls. Sidewalls allow you to enclose your tent. For example, if the tent has one entrance, you could have two walls that meet at a 90-degree angle with both open ends facing away from each other.

Tent sidewalls are also convenient for fighting Mother Nature’s erratic rain and wind. But I wouldn’t recommend using tents during tornadoes or intense storms.

Also, consider tent cooling for guests and even catering teams who need some relief from the heat while working! Finally, you can add large AC systems if you want to make your place chilly for NY visitors who aren’t accustomed to high heat.

Party Tent Rental Decoration

Tent decoration can take your party to another level. Imagine renting a ten and installing some chairs and tables; it would look lame or without imagination. Instead, consider some tent decorations to dazzle your guests. From tent lighting to tent decor, you can make your tent unique.

You don’t see many tent decorators decorating. Think about hiring a tent rental company that knows everything about tents decor. Adding furniture, balloons, flowers, tablecloths, and streamers can change the general look of your event.

Tent Heating and Generators

Professional Generator rental

You could even add some space heaters to keep your tent warm during the winter months. This would be great for low temperatures as no visitor wants to be inside a fridge and blowing their hands to warm up.

However, you will need to power all the electrical components. Well, no worries, that’s where generator rentals come into play. Tent generators can provide all the electrical power you need. You can rent o for a small get-together or rent two for a significant event.

Often, some sites or venues don’t have electrical outlets or power sources, so you will need to bring your own. Usually, you’ll get a sweet deal with two generator rentals in Miami.

Sound system and Dancefloor Rental for Event Tents

Let’s not forget about party rental packages that you can set up for your outside event tents. You could also consider renting a tent sound system, which is great for providing music at any party or outdoor event.

It will make your guests feel like they are actually inside a disco or house party. Music is where the soul is, and there is no movement or life when there’s no music.

Consider renting sound systems and even a DJ so you can let your guests enjoy themselves on the dancefloor. If you don’t have one or it’s uneven, we can also help with a dancefloor rental.