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Thanksgiving Party Ideas

Happy Thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving is a time for a reunion, family gathering where you build memorable moments and enjoy one another. For the readers from other countries who have not experienced Thanksgiving before, this is a national holiday that is celebrated since 1789 on the fourth Thursday of November.

The event that Americans call the “First Thanksgiving” celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World in October 1621. Thanksgiving along with Christmas and New Year’s Eve is part of the holiday season, and all of them are important for Americans.


As this is a year-to-year tradition, celebration gets a little boring when the same things get repeated over and over. Therefore, we would like to provide you with some great party rentals ideas to make your Thanksgiving more memorable than it is now!

  1. Pick a style for your party

Is your Thanksgiving a formal party or a casual party? Are you making a potluck or will it be a sit-down dinner? You need to sit down and think about your options before you can even brainstorm the next set of ideas!

  1. Thanksgiving is all about the food!

Thanksgiving traditional turkey served on a beautiful large wood table! We can’t deny that turkey is the headliner of your Thanksgiving buffet, Americans even call Thanksgiving “turkey day”. That day thousands of turkeys are sitting on a table waiting to be devoured.

And by all means, we do not want to scratch that tradition of your party. However, here we provide you with a set of options for food appetizers and drinks that will go along with that delicious turkey.


A fruit display to impress!


You can go creative on this festivity by creating a fruit shaped turkey. For this, you need a honeydew melon that will resemble the body of the bird, grape skewers and slices of apples and oranges for feathers. Also, add any cheese you’d like cut into little blocks.


Dessert is in!


Traditionally, during this time pumpkin pies are served during Thanksgiving feasts. As serving turkey, you don’t want to remove this tradition from the Thanksgiving custom. But you can make little pumpkin cupcakes. Let’s face it, they are small, delicious, easy to handle for kids, and are less complicated to make.

This idea can also be used on a greater scale as you can set up a dessert bar! Also, that way you can display your culinary arts too. Your Thanksgiving sweets can go from a variety of pies, cakes to cookies and more.


Drinks don’t have to be a complicated nor expensive matter, you can serve the traditional eggnog or bring a few of wine bottles or apple cider, just don’t forget to pick up a few non-alcoholic drinks for the kids and for all those guests who designated drivers, no one wants a car accident in these dates!


  1. Décor your home!

Make the kids table a delight!! A lively night at the kids’ table starts with bright, colorful decorations that get your little guests very entertained. Add color bright turkey centerpieces! These can be found at the dollar store, also if you are a DIY person you can always create little gadgets like turkey headbands!

All you need is foam paper in different colors, some feathers, and a few headbands to stick the paper animals! For the grown-ups, less is better, you can throw some nice china plates with beautiful patterns!

You can always get the season’s beauty of the outdoors in. The good thing is that you can find all these things for free! For this theme, you can use natural wood on the dining table and incorporate pinecones or birch wood to give your party a natural touch!

Focus on using a soft palette, many white and a dark orange. Add a few falls leaves into your decoration, you can create centerpieces with it or you can just lay them on the dining table or other areas of the venue!

  1. Don’t forget about the games! Spice your party with some Thanksgiving games!

Charades: Put a holiday spin on the classic game of charades and use Thanksgiving words. Get all of your guests involved by designating prizes for the winning team.


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