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Tent Rentals Top Wedding Tent Accessories


When people mention tent rentals in Miami, FL, it means that a special celebration is occurring. So, anytime you see one is because there will be an amazing party.

Miami party rentals have many tent rentals for specific events, from significant outdoor weddings to corporate events. Before you rent your canopy, how would you determine which tent is correct for your needs?

The Pole Tent and the Frame Tent

tent rentals in Miami pole tent

The pole tents are the ones with the incredible swooping rooftop. They are more affordable and don’t require a liner as they don’t have a frame that requires covering up. However, their center poles may impede if you plan to photograph or design something nice in the middle. These tents require anchor ropes and are staked into the ground requiring about eight-foot clearance on all sides.

The frame tent can operate on any level ground and is not limited to a grassy area. The installers can attach this costlier alternative to make a safe walkway outdoors and don’t have any inside poles to obstruct the view. However, the obvious inner frame can be an eyesore, with the main solution being a costly liner.

Wedding Tent Accessories

marquee-tent for event

Most tents bring the option of including sidewalls. The tent wall’s choices to consider are the solid, cathedral (with windows) and fabric. If you are searching for safety, stay with the cathedral and solid. Use fabric walls for decorative purposes only. The strong or cathedral windowed walls will keep any rain or cool climate out.

Whether you need a tent to battle the sunny days or rain or for a dramatic statement with chandeliers and extravagant draping, hire experts to do the installation. Nothing merits a tent disaster in a magical time.


Dance floor for outside occasion

For a tent or outdoor weddings, the alternatives for flooring are plain old ground with or without a dance floor or maybe a full floor under the tent. The ground is the most affordable choice however has a couple of downsides. Grass, lawns, and heels don’t mix well; thus, it is significant that you inform your visitors to wear the right shoes.

Also, the ground can get saturated or muddy if it rains in the days before your wedding. Don’t put a tent on uneven or sloped land, consider adding flooring to level things out. Dance floors come in wood grain, black, white, or a chequered board pattern.

Wedding Tent Lighting Accessories

Regardless if you make your wedding outside around evening time or at a ‘no candles allowed’ venue (fire emergencies), consider renting some lighting.

Lighting choices accessible to lease include—bistro lights, lanterns, twinkle lights, can light mounted on the ceiling, or theatrical-style arranged lights with gels beside string lighting options. For night tent weddings and events, you can lease chandeliers. For those searching for ambiance lighting, you can likewise get lighting placed on a dimmer.

When you want to change a standard ballroom and add an ambiance, consider leasing up-lighting (specialized lights put on the floor, up against the walls). When colored, these lights can draw attention from unattractive color plain walls and make an alternate colored room.

When arranging your lighting solutions, consider if your outdoor site gives access to power for your light sources. If you can’t find a power source, consider leasing a generator or generators.

Heating and Cooling for Outdoor Wedding Tents

You don’t want your visitors to sneak away early from your outside weddings during the summer heatwaves or poorly heated winter receptions. For hot summer outdoor weddings, put resources into some cooling equipment.

Often, cooling isn’t the cheapest solution instead, lease fans or evaporative coolers. For a significant tent, you can find high rental rates for the cooling. Fans work incredibly to circulate the air, and large ones are commonly economical to lease.

For a wedding with cold temperatures, you can lease a tent furnace with a thermostat to heat the tent. A few couples consider leasing patio heaters to put inside the tent. However, they can be fire risks and occupy a lot of room. Therefore, place a tent heater outside the tent where party people can’t knock it down.