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Tent Rentals Accessories that Enhance your Party Tent

Tent Rentals Accessories

Party tent rentals near me are not just to cover some area, with the right tent rentals accessories, they can play essential roles in event scenarios. For example, a tent can be a place where you can walk down the aisle towards your wedding vows or give you the look of a splendid Christmas party.

Your vision and needs can change the cloth walls and poles of the tents into the beautiful and needed space for your party. Let’s check out some event tent rental accessories that can make your tent rental Miami party full of surprises.

Pick a Tent Color other than White

Since most individuals want a white party tent, unique colors are hard to find and will cost you. Well, hello, that is the cost of being unique! A clear-top tent is an excellent choice for white that rarely costs more money.

For a night party, it will look magnificent all lit up. Were you hosting your get-together on a spring or summer day? Skip the clear top because you would celebrate a monster greenhouse with the heat!

Tent rentals accessories-Liner

wedding tent rentals liner
Wedding party held after marriage in restaurant gazebo, joyful occasion

You see tent liners in wedding magazines. It’s floaty and looks like a parachute-lining, typically white or ivory. However, you can get a variety of colors at insane costs. Even in your standard white, these can get costly and often can cost up to four times the expense of the tent itself.

Wedding magazines attempt to make these sound as fundamental as linens and a wedding ring. Luckily, tent liners are an extravagant detail most brides can skip.

Rather than a liner, get a pole tent since these tents look nice without a liner. They make the peak with one post rather than many inside frames, so you don’t require a liner. Besides, if you get a liner, don’t blow all of your cash on a custom-colored one. Instead, use lighting effects for a regular liner to get the same look.

Sidewalls or not

Solids, clear, and cathedral (walls with windows) are standard. Fabric sidewalls are pleasant, and they can help keep you dry during rainy seasons. Whether you need sidewalls depends on the Miami weather. Have your wedding in the scorching summer? Skip the walls and include fans or AC since walls will make your tent hot. Have your wedding in the winter?

Get tent sidewalls and add genuine tent heaters. For a bit of cash, you can get one with an indoor thermostat, just the same as the thermostat in your home, so you don’t need to continue changing it during your occasion. The best part, mostly all sit outside the tent, so it doesn’t take up space.

During the rainy season, your sidewalls can prevent rain from ruining your wonderful day while allowing your guests to get cozy.

Tent Rentals Accessories-Flooring

tent rentals accessories-flooring for dancing

You can’t put carpet on the grass, but it’ll look bumpy and dumb after 30 minutes, creating a tripping danger. If you’re hoping to keep your feet dry, consider installing portable flooring. However, it would help if you had a flat real estate for a floor, ideally sand or asphalt.

If you need a hard deck that ladies in heels can dance on, then the party rentals experts can build it. However, you’ll burn through $2 or more per square foot, including carpet. $2 per square foot doesn’t seem like much. However, a 20′ x 40′ tent is 800 square feet at $2 per square foot. That is $1600 for the floor.

Remember, that cost is for a grey or black carpet. While white carpet is only for one use, if you need it, you’ll pay more. Also, if your location has slopes, the cost will go up since there is more labor to do.

Dance floor- These cost about $2 per square foot, yet you will probably only need a 20′ x 20′ area; it’s significantly cheaper than flooring the entire tent.

Party Tent Lighting

These come in a few styles and can change depending on which tent company you go with. One choice incredible for night occasions is stage lighting with color gels. You can install these lights on the framing structure of the tent and look fantastic.

Some individuals use Christmas lights; however, you will need 10 x more than you usually use in your home. Also, if you add your lighting, the tent company won’t put them up for you. So, it would help if you got them down before they come to bring the tent down.

Tent Cooling

marquee-tent for event

Tent AC can get costly. Because a tent isn’t sealed or insulated like a building, a 1000 square foot tent can use 3x the amount of AC power to stay cool as a 1000 square foot building with walls.

More AC means more energy—significantly more than any the site can give you. So getting tent cooling means leasing and paying for a few generators.

Adventure Land Party Rentals has all your tent rentals accessories and more; call us today.