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Adventure Land Party Rental

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rent an inflatable waterslide Combo Castle $165

Everyone should rent a water slide for summer fun. The heat can make us have long days wherever we live, not only in South Florida. So, Miami water slide rentals sound like a party planner’s best idea for bored children who want to play outside. The best part, you don’t have to spend much cash to use these items.

Since inflatable waterslides are expensive to buy for one event, Miami party rental companies rent them instead. Imagine the look on your child’s face when a giant inflatable slide is parked outside the driveway or patio. These inflatable water castles are perfect for summer water events but almost any date since you can rent dry slides for cold days too.

I’ll provide eight tips for the best water slide experience.

1. Water Slides are Safe

Any sensible parent’s top priority for any party or event is the children’s safety.

Vinyl is a soft material that is used to make water slides and can withstand any amount of rough play. Because of this, children can play with them and push each other around without fear of injury.

2. Anyone can Easily Set Up an Inflatable Water Slide Rentals

Inflatable water slide rental $220.00

Rentals of inflatable water slides require very little setup time.

If the terrain is level, you can set up these inflatables wherever possible. Even some companies offer services that will assist you in setting up the water slides properly.

3. Renting Waterslides is Affordable and Convenient

For your corporate event, renting out a public pool or waterpark can be expensive and, for planners, time-consuming. Renting inflatable rentals and supplies might help you save money and assure you of setting up in a convenient place.

4. It is Dangerous for Children to Swim in Deep Pools

Even if you take your family to the public pool, it won’t be a relaxing day because you must watch your kids swim in the deep water. Moreover, there is a high risk of contracting a water-borne illness when using public pools for recreation. 

But, as the kids slide down the inflatable water slides, you don’t need to worry too much about their safety. Parents can take turns supervising the children periodically so watching them doesn’t become a burden.

Rather than a swimming pool, an inflatable slide will be a hit with kids, who will remember the event for a long time. If you still want to throw a safe pool party for children, read Water Slide Tips for A Great Pool Party.

5. Create your Inflatable Water Park

Hosting an inflatable water slide party is a fantastic way to escape the heat on a hot day. So why not go bigger and create a patio inflatable water park to enjoy with your friends and neighbors?

You may build your waterpark by renting various inflatable water slide items if you have enough money and land. For example, other inflatable items include slip-and-slides, small pools for toddlers, and a bounce house combo unit with a pool. There’s no need to drive and search for parking to visit the park. As soon as they wake up, kids may have a great time!

If you need to rent a water slide and party supplies to organize a patio water park, ensure the bounce house rental company has enough inventory.

6. How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Water Slide?

adult water slides for $350
Adult water slides for $350

Renting an inflatable slide can be better than renting a bounce house in summer. Adventure Land water slide costs from $165 to $350.

Often, park events may cost more because of park administration fees.

7. Costs for Delivery, Setup, and Pickup

Ask your water slide rental company if the total price includes delivery, setup, and removal of the inflatable after the party ends. Moreover, find out how the company you hired sanitizes and cleans the inflatable waterslide before they send it to you.

Kids can quickly spread the flu or a cold at significant gatherings. Most rental businesses will charge an additional $40–$60 for help installing and removing your water slide if you cannot install your inflatable.

8. Rent a Cheap Water Slide Party Rental Package for a Party

party package 8

Ask your inflatable water slide rental company about a party package if you want to throw a significant party and get more for your money. These packages typically include an inflatable water slide and extra items to complete your parties, like popcorn or cotton candy machines, chairs, tables, and a tent rental. Our Miami party rental packages can cost anywhere from $120 to $680 or more, depending on the type.