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Pool Safety for Kids Parties


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We all love water and that is a fact, considering our culture a water-lover generation we have maintained a fairly close relationship with water throughout the years. Water means joy, for example, every time we want to throw a celebration and rent a waterslide in Miami or just want a simple escape from routine, and we usually choose a place that includes the ocean, a lake or a pool.

2017 Statistics illustrate that nearly 19 million Americans own a pool, a hot tub, or spa.

Since swimming is such an important part of ourselves and our children, pool safety is the first thing that should come to our minds, especially if we have little children around the house


Tips to keep your kids safe from drowning:

Pool Safety Tips









The first one is, designate an adult to be constantly observing little kids. The kids between 1 up to 14 should be your main concern. Keep a special eye on the ones that do not know have to swim or have not received swimming lessons yet. Adventureland Party rentals Miami always advise you to make safety a priority.

Secondly, recap security steps with your friends and family members every time before they going swimming, this will create a routine.


Some of the security steps that we suggest you include are:

  • Never Swim Alone.
  • Do not remove your lifejacket.
  • Stay away from drains in the pool or hot tub.
  • Do not go inside of the pool after eating.

Thirdly but equally important, have everyone wear a life jacket, especially for those who are not prepared to dive, swimming and can’t float perfectly.


Other important pool safety tips:


  • Never leave a child unattended in or near water.
  • Teach children how to swim.
  • Educate your children to stay away from drains.
  • Have your child remove all pieces of jewelry as they may get stuck on a drain
  • Know how to perform CPR on children and adults.
  • Keep a safety kit-You should definitely keep a safety kit near you.


Below is a short list of the must-haves in your pool safety toolkit:


1) A first aid kit

2) A pair of scissors – to cut hair, clothing, or a pool cover if needed.

3) A charged telephone – to call 911 in the event of an emergency.

4) A floatation device – Foam noodles, water wings, and little inflatable rafts are not life-saving devices – They are toys and do not replace the need for supervision by a responsible adult.


Safety at home!

If you are a proud pool owner, you must guarantee that all your memories around the pool are pleasant.

That is why we offer you a list of pool safety tips at home:


Ensure all pools and spas – both in your backyard and any public pool you may visit – have compliant drain covers.

In addition, get your kids away from drains or suction outlets, especially in spas and shallow pools, and never allow your kid to enter a pool or spa that has a loose, broken or missing drain cover. Children’s hair, limbs, jewelry or bathing suits can get stuck in a drain or suction opening.

When using a spa, be sure to locate the emergency vacuum shutoff before getting in the water. Additionally, installing proper barriers, covers, and alarms on and around your pool and spa.

Technology is moving fast to provide security, and in case you had no idea, nowadays, there are pool covers that will open and close your pool.

These covers will usually come with either a code activated keypad or an actual key that you will have to turn and hold to uncover and cover the pool.


Ensure all permanent pools have a proper fence and gate

Having a fence around your pool goes a long way in keeping people safe.

Many states require a fence around the pool. One of the requirements is that the fence is at least 4 feet tall. Also be careful about the gate, having a fence may be worthless if you don’t have a secure mechanism that is child proof. No one wants unsupervised little children to gain access to a pool.

Swimming is a relaxing, fun activity to do with your loved ones, but also may result in severe consequences if not done with the proper security measures and responsibility. Make sure you follow the bellow tips in order to guarantee safety to your loved ones. And remember, keeping an eye on them, is and will be always your best choice.