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How to Throw a Pony Themed Birthday Party for your Child?

Pony Themed Birthday Party Tips

Make your child’s a pony themed birthday party and something they will enjoy for many years by hiring pony rides near me. Most children want to ride a big horse but can’t because they’re too big. But if I tell you that, there’s a better and safer way to make your child smile with a miniature horse.

You can’t indulge them by buying them one, but you could get them pony rentals for their birthday party. It’s a fact that birthday celebrations are a serious deal for growing kids. So, planning a themed birthday celebration based on their interests can help put a grin on their face, even if you burned through $100 or $200 for the pony rental service.

You can’t go wrong with a pony themed birthday party. There are many ways to make a gathering like this happen, regardless of your budget. Would you like to know more?

Continue reading to know how to plan the ideal pony themed party for the birthday girl or boy. Here are a few ideas that can breathe life into the pony-theme party.

Pony Themed Birthday Party Invitations

You can announce the gathering on a western topic! For example, you could print invitations onto cardstock from your PC and use the sewing machine to copy the appearance of stitching on a saddle. Consider delivering every guest a cowboy hat with the party details imprinted on paper and put inside.

The invites could ask the children to wear hats to the gathering! If your child has ridden a pony before, you can use that picture and transform that image into a postcard and send it out with the party details printed on the back. On the invites, ask that visitors wear cowboy boots and western-style shirts if they have them.

Pony Themed Birthday Party Decorations

birthday party decorations

Set up for your pony party theme! If you can throw the party outside, gather some straw bales, spread them with quilts, and use them as seating.

You can buy fake straws at craft stores and toss them on the food table. Then, add some plastic pony figurines to the straw.

You can buy handkerchiefs and fold them over into triangular shapes. Then tie one side of every triangle to another handkerchief triangle and repeat a few times to make a birthday pennant banner with a cowboy theme.

You could likewise put a plywood board with an opening cut out for a face and a picture painted on the other side. The image could show a cowboy or cowgirl riding a pony, and during the gathering, the children could have their photographs taken as they poke their faces through the hole.

Pony Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

birthday party cake

Your cowboys and cowgirls will want to eat something delicious, so serve some sandwiches or pizza. Serve the food on red-check deli sandwich wrap paper to fit the western topic. More ideas for pony party food:

For healthy pony lovers, you can serve red apples and carrots with dipping sauce.

Set out a cup of shoestring potato sticks and put a sign near it that makes the children believe they’re eating hay.

The pony party cake could look like a horseshoe or a pony’s head, or you can place a plastic horse with a candle on top.

You can buy a pony-shaped cake pan and DIY it or hire an expert bakery shop to do it.

You can also serve cupcakes with pony toppers.

Pony Party Games and Activities

How can you finish a pony party without horsing around? Here are some pony themed games and activities you can help the children perform:

Play Red Rover, but call it Pink or Blue Pony, and require the children to gallop to the next team instead of running.

When you have a basketball and a hoop, play a game of P-O-N-Y.

You can separate the children into age groups and have horse races where one child (the racer) rides on the back of another kid (the pony). Award party favors and more cake for the champs.

Pony rentals near me

pony rides near me

A pony themed birthday celebration can offer you the chance to offer pony rides on your patio. Hiring a pony rental service costs about $100 an hour or more, which can appear high, but it’s like leasing a bounce house or hosting a birthday party at a party site.

Beautiful ponies will put a significant smile on everybody’s faces and leave them with memories that will last forever. Many ponies come in many sizes and colors, or you can also read this post, Hire an Adorable Petting Zoo for your Next Kids Birthday Party if you want to add more animals to your pony theme party.

Our pony rides can accommodate any occasion. Regardless if you are throwing a patio birthday gathering or a big charity carnival party, we can meet your pony ride needs at the location of your choice.

Ensure your camera is always on so you don’t miss pictures of your child riding a pony!