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Party Planning Guide to Relieve the Stress of the Coronavirus Crisis

party planning guide

A party planning guide can help friends and family members get closer during these tough times. Many people may believe that a gathering isn’t a gathering without plenty of guests. Our party rentals in Miami experts will disprove that theory while allowing for some fun at your small party.

So, it’s party time and there are many ways to unite the family without spending too much money and leaving the house during this coronavirus crisis.

Before you whip out your credit card and begin spending all your money, wait. Family get-togethers are about family bonds, instead of giving gifts or spending money to impress your guests. Bring your family closer and appreciating each other’s while making great memories.

Allow Miami Party Rentals expert planners help you with throwing a small get-together:

Pick a Theme

family dinner theme party

Your party theme will set the tone for the whole occasion. The great news is there many ideas.

When you’ve picked your preferred party theme, it’s straightforward to build on it!

However, a family happy to be together and healthy seems to go with today’s coronavirus crisis. It’s so special to gather around a table with your favorite people and appreciate each other friendship.

Send Invites

A family get-together or graduation, maybe not quite the same as a wedding, so you might only need to send an invitation for about two weeks or even a month in advance.

If any of your visitors are neighbors or local, the invites can be simple. Attempt electronic invites through Gmail, Evite or Facebook. You can make an occasion and welcome guests without sending paper invites!

When you welcome individuals, it’s ok to request that they contribute. Tell everybody you’re hosting a potluck event. Requesting that everybody bring something delicious homemade, plus, you’ll save some cash on food.

Party Planning Guide-The Menu

party planning guide-food menu

If you don’t like cooking as much or not into a potluck occasion, pick a menu that doesn’t require cooking. When you throw a family get-together, the last thing someone wants is to stay in the kitchen the whole time!

Attempt to make a couple of simple cheap meal options early. You can make Sloppy Joes or ham sandwiches, both ideal for small parties. Attempt a family pizza made from your oven or meatball subs. The incredible thing about preparing sandwich based meals is that the sides can be straightforward to make ahead.

Also, you can serve chips, salad, cut fruit, or veggies and dip. If you don’t like clean-up after the gathering, use the paper plates, plastic cups and serving ware.

Kool-Aid is an inexpensive, fun beverage that everybody likes. For dessert, popsicles or frozen yogurt with fresh fruit.

Party planning guide to fun activities

For grown-ups, getting together as a family can be enough fun. However, to have great family time, you might need to plan a couple of cool activities other than eating. Typically, 2 or 3 games can help entertain everybody.

Play an indoor game like Simon Says, Uno or a poker game that doesn’t require much skills can get everyone laughing and locked in. If your family is artistic, you could try at letting everybody paint using a plastic board or other small art projects that people could take home.

Remember, try to keep them flexible and right for a wide range of ages and skills since you invited kids too. Nobody needs to be frustrated at a gathering, so if somebody doesn’t want to take part, don’t force it. Party activities should be fun and help build family bonds.


Put on some great music, for example, country, pop, rap, salsa, reggae, and other that relates to the music of your times.

However, try to pick music that everyone can get behind. Music can make tough times a little less dramatic since everyone is dancing and enjoying themselves.


hand washing to prevent coronavirus

The whole point of this party planning guide is to help you enjoy the company of your loved ones. Make sure you ask if anyone has had the coronavirus symptoms and ask kindly not to come.

I doubt they will get mad and hate you so please take precautions such as telling your guests to watch their hands after coming to your get-together.