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New Birthday Traditions

Happy birthday cake tradition

Party rentals in Miami, FL, planners love to help our clients throw parties, but the new birthday traditions make for a real treat. Remember when you were young and your family would gather on various occasions of the year to do something just your family would do? You had family traditions like going to a special place on days like your birthday every time you do them, the memories came rushing back. Those are the memories you love.

Knowing how much those moments meant so much to you makes you want to create those same memories for your children. You want to make unique birthday traditions that they will carry through their lives and pass on to their children soon. 

However, how would you build a birthday tradition with your children? It’s far more difficult than one might expect. Fortunate for you, party rentals Miami specialists have the answers for you down below. 

Remember, every kid is special. It is essential to begin traditions dependent on what they like to do. 

The Element of Surprise 

This idea is more spontaneous than others since is the nature of a surprise. All your youngsters will know is that eventually during their birthday they will get a surprise. Make it always different since kids like to have fun. You may surprise then during school or act like nothing is happening and “boom” surprise party.

Give your child a chance to pick the food


Allow your children a chance to pick the menu for the entire day. What is their preferred breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Is there a spot they might want to eat at for one of those meals, maybe a kid’s restaurant?

Who said birthday candles are just for the party? Decorate any meal by adding a birthday candle. For breakfast, hurl a candle onto a pile of hotcakes, cupcakes, a biscuit, French toast, or even eggs and cake.

Fun Photo-shoot 

Get some information about what your child likes: food, colors, toys, and, favorite films. You may even graph their growth by writing it on a large chalkboard as the background. After, have a photographer take photos of your kid being his or herself in front of the chalkboard. Include those photographs into a birthday album that tracks each birthday. 

Sing a New Song 


Most of the time, a happy birthday song is sung by all family members at a restaurant or at home. So why not put your own spin on your kid’s birthday by making a very own song? Try not to stress; you need not be musically gifted but somewhat creative. Add a couple of lyrics about your youngster or make it a family song that everyone hears on their birthday, including the parents. 

Hide and seek 

Make a game out of opening gifts by hiding them around the house, in straightforward or difficult places. You can incorporate clues or riddles on where to discover the gifts. Are you feeling creative, make a treasure hunt out of it with a map or make a scavenger hunt. Regardless, children will look forward to this hunt every year. 

Special balloon surprise


Before you blow up a bunch of balloons, add money, a movie ticket, a coupon for a game or activity, or even some chocolates or candy inside each one. Write on the balloon the time of day they get the chance to pop them and reveal the gift inside. 

For instance, if you have many balloons, you could set the time to 7:00 am, 12:00 pm, 5:00 pm, and 9:00 pm. When it’s the time on the balloon, your kid can pop it to uncover what’s inside. 

Family Heirloom 

We know a girl’s sixteenth birthday celebration is a tremendous moment and the gathering must go all out too. Adopt a similar method to certain birthday milestones based on your choice and give a different family heirloom. Don’t have any family heirlooms then make your own. Each family heirloom needs to begin somewhere.