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Tips for Party Planning a Baby First Birthday

Party Rentals Tips for Party Planning Their Child’s First Birthday

Miami Party Rental’s top party planning team believes a baby first birthday merits a significant get-together with friends and family. However, don’t worry about arranging a Pinterest-perfect style first birthday celebration.

Since your little kid isn’t old enough to ask for a princess theme or a boy Superhero theme, you get to choose the birthday party decorations. Understandably, this won’t be the situation in a couple of years, so take advantage while you still can.

After a lot of sleep deprivation, endless diaper changes, and thousands of miles, cries, and giggles, it’s time to plan your child’s first birthday party.

No, your baby won’t remember the big day, but you will cherish it forever. Plus, professional photos with a baby in a “first Birthday” wardrobe will be valuable down the road.

It’s been a time of marvel, growth, and change for everyone so celebrate.

Set a Party Budget

Piggy-bank-party budgeting

No matter how close or far away your kid’s 1st birthday party is, proper budgeting is important. You have to ensure that you save enough cash for all of your expenses including rent, electricity, and water, besides the birthday celebration. Everyone knows raising up a kid in today’s economy is expensive so always make a budget and stick to it.

Therefore, carefully work out your budget for this gathering, before choosing what cute party favors to give, party games, and decorations you’re going to purchase. It’s simple to get excited and overspend, so ensure you do your budget when organizing and planning the party.

Pick the Guest List Early

After deciding your budget, it’s smart to send the invites as quickly as time allows so you can get a good idea of how many visitors will attend. Ultimately, you don’t want to overspend purchasing items or buy too few party supplies.

Regarding birthday celebrations, most children, particularly a baby, wouldn’t be that excited to have a huge guest list. Also, since babies aren’t as mindful of what’s happening, the entirety of a large crowd can startle them.

To keep your child happy, it’s ideal to make their first birthday party an intimate occasion. Don’t worry about leaving people out of the guest list; you can clarify the situation later. You can tell them there will be plenty of fun birthday celebrations they can attend in the future when your child has the ability to remember and enjoy much more.

Party Planning a Baby First Birthday Means Keep a Simple Plan

1st birthday cup cake

You must consider many naptimes if the guest list includes many babies and toddlers. It’s difficult to plan every child’s naptime, so instead of attempting to over-plan, keep the gathering quick, straightforward, and early during the day.

This can also apply to the party theme while arranging it; it’s ideal to keep it straightforward. Children’s TV shows can have some insights if you need some ideas. So consider party themes after watching children’s TV shows, for example, Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer, and Marsha.

Simple Party Games

What activities can you plan for the birthday baby and their little friends? We understand planning games for babies and toddlers is difficult, but we’ll find you some. One idea is a baby race; parents bring out one of their little one’s most loved toys, and all the kids line up.

Then, a short distance away, a parent waits with the kid’s toy, and the toddler to crawl or safely walk to the finish wins. But what party game is finished without a prize for the victor? Well, your party favors table is full of gifts, so give one to all of the competing children because there are no losers here, just fun.

Party Food Tips

We know that toddlers are picky and trivial concerning what they eat. However, consider the parent’s food likes when deciding on food for your kid’s birthday celebration. Yes, after all, caring for little kids can get very tiring. So, ensure you serve plenty of healthy snacks and drinks for the adults to appreciate.

Furthermore, ensure that you have a plan for any allergies or intolerances. So ask whether they or their kid have dietary requirements or food allergies before the party planning starts. This gives you a lot of time to make any changes or preventative steps, for example, making the party allergy-free.

Hire a Miami Party Rental Professional Photographer

Baby eating cake

Remember, you don’t need a skilled photographer for all birthday parties but consider hiring one for a baby’s first birthday.

You have a lot to do or have your hands full, so a professional from Party Rental can shoot photos you will enjoy for a lifetime. Party planning a baby first birthday shouldn’t be a hard but a fun adventure.