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Many Types of Wedding Reception Seating Styles to Pick

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Picking your wedding reception seating style is undoubtedly a problematic wedding planning task. However, Party Rentals Miami Florida top experts are here to help you make it a lot easier. We realize it is difficult to accommodate all of your visitors to make the ideal ambiance.

You’ll first need to know if you want to create an intimate or luxurious dining experience. So are you attempting to decide how your reception tables will be organized?

Here are wedding table rentals in Miami top planner’s most popular wedding reception seating styles that are ideal for each wedding.

Round Table

A bride and groom that need an excellent classic reception style should think about round table seating. This alternative works best with banquet halls or ballrooms venues and likely the least demanding seating style to accomplish.


  • Will make table seating arrangements easier to do per group. Co-workers and friends that have never met won’t feel awkward at your wedding.
  • It gives an exceptionally great design for a group discussion. It also allows people’s faces to be seen and voices to be heard, so the group of individuals will have many memorable moments.
  • Simple for guests to leave the table. It means guests could go for a restroom break or telephone call without disrupting other people.
  • Your site probably will have their round tables for you to use, you’ll need to accommodate linens and decorations.


  • Round tables need space to fit in properly and effectively.
  • Needs much décor to cover up the tables. Since visitors will eat on the circumference of the table, there’s such a significant amount of room to fill out. However, you should be careful so that the decoration such as the centerpieces won’t obstruct the view of the presentation.

Rectangular Dining Tables

Rectangular dining tables are extraordinary for couples searching for an intimate reception but with a lot of guests. Visitors can take a seat at a family-style table and have an intimate dining experience.


  • Long tables will permit you to add more tables to the venue.
  • Makes for an intimate seating plan since your guests will need to sit close to each other, unlike a round table.
  • Decorating will take up less time and resources. Adding a table lining plus adding a couple of vases will be adequate.


  • Pulling out your seat and maneuvering around the long table can require a lot of work.
  • Your visitors may feel uncomfortable when seated next to strangers.

Mix and Match

Can’t settle on round or family-style seating? Then decide on both instead! The mix and match reception seating style are ideal for a large wedding and for couples that still want a traditional wedding day look.

Lounge Seating

If you don’t want a formal sit down dinner lounge seating are perfect since it gives visitors a chance to mingle during the gathering. Visitors will love the casual vibe of your reception with this style, as well.

Square Seating

These square seating works best for traditional wedding styles. Square tables likewise offer a lot of elbow room for visitors, just as, more space for centerpieces.

U-Shaped reception seating

U-shaped or horseshoe-shaped is a current seating style that is extraordinary for indoor and outside receptions.

Merely have the head table connect the two parallel tables to have a fun, modern seating arrangement.

Visitor Tables Total

How many guests did you invite? That number is essential for the number of tables and seats you will require!

However, you also need to know how many guests fit at a table comfortably. If it’s not too much trouble utilize the accompanying data for reference:

Round tables:

Table size              Seats

36-inch                      4

42-inch                      5

48-inch                     5

54-inch                     6 

60-inch                     8

72-inch                     10

Long tables:

Table size                     Seats

24-inch x 60-inch         2

24-inch x 72-inch         3

24-inch x 96-inch        4-5

30-inch x 72-inch         6

30-inch x 96-inch         8

Wedding reception seating setting

Wedding reception seating setting

Setting your wedding table together is more complex than sprucing up your lounge area for a family dinner. You may know the basics like where all the cutlery goes.

However, you might not know where chargers, table cloths, and the type of chairs to use. Party rental Miami planners will help you understand and style your wedding tables.

Table linens

Think about table linens, for example, tablecloths, table runners, and napkins. Table linens take up the most surface zone and are what the various pieces are set on of. While picking yours your table linens remember your color scheme.

If you would prefer not to go with bold or strong colors, neutrals are a safe bet. Likewise, play around with patterns and textures since there are many great options to look over.

Place settings

You can know build your base by including chargers, plates, glasses, and flatware. Sometimes venues will have these ready to go, so you don’t need to go out and look for them.

But, if you want to combine them to your color scheme or theme, you may need to call your local party rental in Miami merchant.

Wedding stationery

When you consider wedding stationery, you automatically think invitations, RSVPs, and enclosures. However, there are some other things you’ll need to order for your wedding table settings.

For instance, place cards, table names or numbers, and menus. These will stop your visitors from wandering around looking for their seats and asking you with questions about the food.


Centerpieces are your tables’ most significant accessories. Many go the traditional course and fill their tables with flowers and roses. However, flowers and roses aren’t the only choice out there.

Consider trading in flowers for beads, feathers, or origami as there are more affordable and eye-catching.

Miami wedding chair rentals

White Chiavari chair rentals are perfect for Wedding reception seating

Your visitors will require some place to sit, so remember the importance of the wedding chair rentals. Top wedding chair are folding chairs, Chiavari chairs, and x-back chairs. If you want comfort for your guests, consider cushions seats.

Table decoration

Do you feel there something missing from your wedding table settings? Consider adding a few details to make them pop a bit more. Table decorations include candles, vases, and confetti, but you can add much more.

If you need more assistance with your wedding reception seating, contact Adventure Land Party Rentals.