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How to Make a Disney Theme Bounce House Rental Party?

If you want to add fun to your child’s birthday party, then nothing is better than leasing a Disney theme bounce house rental. Yes, every parent wants to throw a memorable party for their children, no matter the cost. The truth, everyone knows about Disney characters or movies, and there’s no land that Disney hasn’t exploited.

So, by venturing into Disney’s treasure chest of characters and stories, you can change the most straightforward child’s gathering into something extraordinary. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be one theme since you can include all of them. Party Rentals in Miami planners will give you a few hints that you can use to set up a fantastic Disney theme bounce house party:

Disney Theme Bounce House Rental Party Budget

Miami party package with cotton candy machine rental

Set a budget before purchasing things for the gathering, and stick to it. Make your kid’s party unique, and try not to compare your party with somebody else’s.

Try not to feel obligated to spend more cash than you have available. Children will love playing with their young friends and feel celebrated regardless of the money they spend.

Remember, having fewer visitors means less food to buy, fewer party favors, fewer supplies, and less pressure to plan. However, if you have no budget issues, design whatever you like and go all out!

According to Backyard Sidekick, renting a standard bounce house will cost $30 to $50 an hour or $125 to $285 daily. If you want to rent larger inflatables with slides, pools, or climbing areas, they can cost $375 to $580 per day.

Instead, ask your vendor for bounce house party packages like the above image to reduce spending costs.

Lease a Disney Theme Inflatable Castle


If you want to do something new, Disney-theme bounce house rentals breathe life into a party, stimulating the kid’s minds and creating interest! Also, you give the children something to do while creating awesome photos or video recordings. Every Disney-themed bounce house is made for family enjoyment and to add excitement to any gathering, fundraiser, or corporate party.

Bring the enchantment of being a child back to life with a splendid showcase of the most loved characters on an inflatable castle that gives long periods of safe play. Parents can relax, knowing the children are safely jumping on a bounce house. The best part is there are no sharp edges or rough surfaces to get injured on too!

Read the rules for maximum occupancy, alternate turns for bigger and small children, and remove the kid’s shoes and jewelry. Lastly, make sure to pay or ask a parent to supervise since too many kids could cause an accident, for example, larger kids falling on smaller kids.

The colors of each structure are striking, and the characters are life-like, similar to your kid’s preferred cartoon character or Disney motion picture.

For more Safety Tips, read Bounce House Safety Guide.

Plan the Party Date and Send Invites

Now, you’ll need to mark the calendar, time, and place, finalize your guest list for people to attend, and send invites. Then, you can throw the party at home on a Saturday morning. Parks are extraordinary places to set up a gathering, yet you shouldn’t take any risks with Florida’s summer heat and wild weather.

You can make a Facebook event for your children’s Disney theme party and welcome visitors. It’s refreshing to share, communicate, and offer updates before/after a gathering using Facebook.

Plan your Space for Tables, Chairs, and The Disney Themed Bounce House


Regarding party planning, it could be easy to lose control, especially for significant parties, so start by choosing what “areas” will be for the gathering. For significant crowds, you most likely need to rent extra tables and chairs for the food and guests to sit.

Furthermore, a small area for the children to eat, two or three places for activities, and a ton of open space for running around or dancing. Lastly, please don’t forget to have enough space to set up the bounce house. Allow for at least two meters around for staking.

Classic VS New Disney Characters

So which Disney character or film would you like your kid to choose? Do you know your child’s specific taste? If you don’t have a clue about your kid’s favorite Disney cartoon characters, then when in doubt, preschoolers love Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Frozen, and movie classics, for example, Cinderella, Snow White, Pinocchio, and Peter Pan.

Older kids would like to dress up as characters from more present-day movies, including Toy Story, The Incredibles, Cars, and Monsters University. However, one topic could seem boring, so include all of them, like a custom Disney theme bounce house rental party!

Disney Theme Cake and Food


When entertaining a significant group, making a batch of cupcakes with the birthday cake is excellent. It’s a great way to ensure there are sufficient desserts for everyone. For example, cupcakes for a Frozen themed party theme can be made from any cake flavor and then topped with white and blue sugar sprinkles.

A snowflake cupcake topper finishes the look. You can change the cupcake or cake design to any beloved Disney cartoon character if you’re doing another theme. Pizza, wings, and sodas are a favorite for young kids but look into healthy snacks too, like fruits and natural drinks.