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How to host a Halloween Costume Contest Party?

Halloween costume pumkin head

Halloween is that holiday when everyone including our party rentals in Miami, FL employees can get dressed up and pretend to be something they’re not. Who says Halloween is only for kids who trick or treat? Not us!

We believe Halloween provides amusement to people of all ages! I think one reason is that it allows shy individuals who may never wear a costume anywhere to wear one for Halloween. Therefore, praise this spectacular occasion by purchasing party rentals items from us and decorations while celebrate your themed party.

Here are some things to consider as you plan your celebrations: 



Invitations are significant for a fruitful costume party. You will incorporate the essential data such as the “dress code” in the invites! A few grown-ups think they’re too grown-up for costumes, so use your greeting, to encourage these boring or shy individuals to play dress up.

Also, you could hint that you’ll be giving out cool prizes for the best costumes. Possibly signal about what a portion of those prizes may be. At last, advise your visitors to Rsvp. When your visitors see everyone dressed up, they’ll want to join the fun

Pick a spectacular theme! 

Picking the right party theme provides a cohesive look to your costume party. One fun alternative is a ten year’s party. People make decade parties to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or commemorations of an event or date but you can use it as your theme. Pick a decade that highlights a lot of historical figures or motion picture and TV characters that your guest can imitate.

The 70s, 80s, and, 90s are famous decades for theme parties, yet any decade works well. If you like something different, create an “animal” costume party or “Superheroes” theme. If your list if includes kids, tailor your party topic to suit all ages. When you only invite adults, well, anything is possible! Plan your custom party decorations to match your topic to ensure a spectacular look.


Halloween candy

Halloween food can become as essential as the décor during the party because people love to customize food too. Remember, when throwing a gathering for adults including your parents, you don’t want to only give candy and chocolate bars. Even though it’s ok for some sweet lovers! Consider giving your party a little gourmet twist.

Make some ghoulish cupcakes or some homed pumpkin brain bread. Get imaginative with appetizers and a special Halloween punch. Finger zombie foods, particularly ones that resemble real fingers, are ideal for a Halloween slam!


A costume party allows visitors to dance as 90s Good Fellow characters, Britney Spears or 60s Marilyn Monroe. You could lease a dance floor from a party rentals store and all you need is the place for the setup. Watch visitors break it… in costumes! 



Ideally, your visitors seized this opportunity to go wild and inventive with their outfits. There should be a wide variety of costumes from terrifying, to amusing, to cosplay. That’s what makes playing dress-up so much fun—the endless costumes sold at party shops!

Therefore, it’s practically impossible to pick only one victor so have gold, silver, and, bronze prizes. Choose the best couple costume, scariest, funniest, king or queen, and the most creative.


If you want to give away something other than titles and trophies, you can likewise give fun prizes for your winners. Nearby party stores or joke shops will have silly or scary gag gifts. You should grant your pop culture, king and queen, a crown and scepter.

Perhaps you can give your scary victor a new monster mask he/she could wear next year. However, if you want to give a real terrific prize, present two movie passes with a popcorn bucket to the overall costume winner. Whatever you grant your champs, remember it’s all about fun!

Other prizes: 

  • Other prizes for costumes winners are many ghoulish treats.
  • What about gift cards from Target or Walmart?
  • You can likewise give out money prizes.

Since now you have a couple of ideas for your costume party, remember the best host knows most visitors can entertain themselves by mingling and getting up to speed with their monster friends. The costume act and the dance floor area give a fun bonus!