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How to behave at a business party

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After projecting and working to have an image throughout the year, everything can be spoiled with this work event where everything is a celebration. Corporate events are the order of the day, which are useful for making relationships and projecting our skills. If you are in places like Miami, a party rental in South Miami is one of the most sought-after services.

There are rules of etiquette to conduct and interact with others, basic rules of behavior. Sometimes at business parties at the end of the year, some characters become a legend of which is heard in the corridors of the company, by excessive alcohol and some errors of etiquette. The end of the year parties has two purposes, to celebrate the end of a good year with all the people that make the company’s success possible, as well as a place to meet people from other departments and do a little networking. Many companies hire party rental services in South Miami to shine with their employees. Do not become a legend at the end of the year.

Remember that these interaction spaces can help you. Your behavior in this type of event will influence the perception that your office colleagues have about you. Then questions like: What will you use? What will it take? Will you have to dance a partner? Can you stay in the office to advance work? Are those that begin to haunt your head bringing stress and headache.

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What to wear?

The first thing is to know the type of party to which you are invited. Imagine one of the most important aspects is to dress for the occasion, this means that it is according to the event that will attend. Private meeting: it is usually organized with a limited group of people who are part of the company, and this can be in the apartment of the company manager. If it is on a working day, you can go with the same attire with which you attended work. In the case of women, I recommend wearing a more elegant or festive blazer; some of the fashionable fabrics are velvet and red in this season.

Meeting of the company: all the employees of the organization are invited, it is usually done in a working day, and few are the events in which some person changes their wardrobe. In the case of women, wearing a different blazer than usual and a shirt that makes the transition from day to night, will allow you to look different. But be careful with the very pronounced necklines, short dresses, and very high heels. In either of these two cases, men tend to remove their ties or wear casual business attire.

Gala: it is rare, but in certain spheres, it can be given. The dress code is formal or cocktail. It happens almost the same as in a marriage, women get to dress in long cocktail dress and men in tuxedo or tailor. The invitation usually says what type of attire will be worn.

What will it take?

You can take what is being offered, but only a little. The key is to avoid being that person who gets drunk and ends up doing a show because he does not know how to handle the drinks. To stay sober, you can have a drink usually whiskey, no shots and dosing it for the whole night.

long cocktail dress

Keep in mind that the chosen drink also says something about you. Another way to handle alcohol intake and that your body will appreciate is to drink a glass of water for each glass of liquor, or you can also ask for sparkling water with slices of lemon to make it go through Geneva & Tonic.

It really is not necessary. It is important to socialize, talk with people in the company that you do not even know. Avoid sitting alone next to food or drink. These meetings are to break the ice and leave the corporate scheme, which leads me to another recommendation: do not talk about work during these meetings.

You may have your group of colleagues with whom you generally speak, avoid the instinct to approach acquaintances, begin to interact with other people in the company and talk with your subordinates and support staff of the company. At some point, they may need your help.