How can Party Tent Rentals Enhance Your Corporate Picnic!

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How can Party Tent Rentals Enhance Your Corporate Picnic!

marquee party tent rentals

Adding party tent rentals into your next corporate picnic or event can accomplish more than protect you and your guests from the elements. Tents rentals in Miami can help keep your occasion composed, they spruce up your gathering, and encourage individuals to relax and make the most of what’s happening around them.

Usually, when people think about tents, they think of camping or a cheap pop-up tent but don’t consider how this device can improve the atmosphere of the event.

However, today tent rentals near me can make rooms and create ambiance. Besides withstanding the elements you can decorate and transform your tent rentals to accommodate your needs. Let me show you how our party tent rentals can improve your corporate picnic or event.

Why add a party tent rentals to your corporate picnic?

As the climate gets more pleasant, individuals like spending time outside. Even corporate and businesses like to find ways to include the outside. There is no better way to increase morale and appreciate some sun than having a corporate picnic outside.

Planning a company picnic can be an impressive deal of work, as there’s much to do. You need to consider the many families that will join the fun, what activities to plan, food options, and deciding if you want a full dinner and hire staff to help with cleanup?

Adding party tent rentals can only help your corporate picnic, as the more organize it looks, the happier everybody will be. Here are a few reasons you should add tents into your next company picnic is a smart idea.

Party tent rentals give people less stress in an outside environment

party tent rental providing cover form rain

Predicting the climate rarely works out in Miami, FL, and having tents set up can prevent a passing rainstorm from ruining your day. Plus, tents provide people a way of escaping the sun when it is a blistering sun outside, and you know how hot Miami can get in a few minutes.

It is significantly better to sit comfortably inside a nice tent than in extreme weather, however you can also decorate and situate your tents to provide more convenience. If you have sidewalls with windows then you can open a window to allow a breeze or sit and relax. You can even install hammocks inside a tent.

Add some lights and decorations

You can set up a “selfie wall” where visitors can take fun photographs to post and remember your occasion. Also, you can rent an audio and stereo system and situated them in separate areas with soothing music playing.

Bored with a simple tent then decorate the outside of the tent by hanging wreaths or signs besides good lighting in case the picnic goes into the late afternoon. A significant advantage of adding tents to your company picnic is knowing how versatile they are!

Planning Tips for the Actual Company Picnic

planning tips for company picnic

Ask your visitors to bring a covered dish

An extraordinary way to make your occasion more personal is by transforming your picnic into a potluck! Ask your visitors to bring along a special side dish, dessert, or drink. And the owner or manager will cover the main courses. You should also plan for a plan to fight mosquitos and bugs with candles and repellants so these animals don’t get into the food.

If you plan to have many food dishes, ensure that your food menu includes something for everyone in your office. It’s a smart idea to get some information about special dietary restrictions before you decide on your course meals and desserts. This can ensure that if an individual can’t eat cheese or peanuts, then they will have something to eat.

Hashtag your occasion

If you’re throwing a tremendous occasion, use social media to invite workers from various departments! Make an occasion hashtag and urge employees to hashtag their photos from the occasion on Twitter and Pinterest.

Hire a professional bartender for your picnic event

Corporate picnics are fun — however, remember that there still work events, not discos. If you will serve alcohol, consider using an expert bartender to prevent over-serving visitors. Also, it can help keep your workers compose throughout the outing, and have a safe car journey.

Offer something for the children

If you will invite employees with children, consider planning a few activities and games that will keep kids entertained. Instead, save the hassle and consider leasing a bouncy house rentals Miami.

With a bounce house, the kids will stay busy and burn some energy allowing parents to socialize with their co-workers.

Company picnic requires careful planning

Tents Rentals
Party Tent Rentals

For a family picnic, tossing a blanket and making some sandwiches can pretty much work at any park. But throwing a corporate picnic event requires more planning.

While it is enjoyable to invite families for the sake of fun, socializing with co-workers, and food, there are more things to do like offering prizes, and even gift cards. Party tent rentals provide your guests protection from the elements and make your occasion an eye-catching event.

Also, if you throw the company picnic inside the company grounds, having party tent rentals set up shows your picnic as a genuine outside occasion. So individuals aren’t walking and taking around aimlessly. With tents, you can wow your attendants with the careful planning and foresight.

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