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Holiday Party Planning-Tips to Keep our Clients Safe

Holiday party planning tips

As the last two holidays get closer, people want to start planning holiday parties, but can we safely plan a party during the Covid pandemic?

Yes, but before Miami Party Rental party planners help you organize it, research your local Coronavirus-19 safety rules and regulations. Maybe—an event hosted in a city with not many positive infections, like Seattle, for example, may allow for more guests and looser restrictions than in a hard-hit city. In these hard-hit cities, officials will discourage most gatherings outside your house but likely allow an outdoor holiday patio party with close family.

Do you want to host a small, physically distanced Christmas or New Year gathering? Well, we gathered excellent party rentals in Miami Florida tips, and best practices for hosting a happy holiday party planning— while also keeping your guests safe.

Sending Holiday Party Invites

Excellent communication begins with the invite. Ensure you tell the visitors of precautions made, expected guest count, and sanitary rules to protect them and their children.

Invitations can also help with logistics. For example, should visitors bring their face masks or utensils and chairs? Sending an online invitation might be the more sensible alternative and a smart method to set rules and build up guidelines.

Transform new safety measures into a theme that visitors can be interested in. For instance, on a greeting for Christmas, request that your visitors wear their favorite red, green, or white face mask. Give gifts like hand sanitizer or different prizes to the most inventive person.

Essential questions to take notes of:

  • What time will the party start and end?
  • Where would the entrance be, the front door or the side door?
  • Do children need to wear masks, too (children are more difficult to supervise and pay attention to)?

Would you have Assigned Seating?

Early preparation and communication are best for Covid 19 party planning. When you have a high budget, consider giving alcohol, sanitizers, and theme holiday masks at the front door.

Chair and Table Rentals

white chair rentals and wood table

Often, we want only to invite our close family. Still, it’s almost impossible not to welcome other guests like friends or colleagues. If you’re determined to have a larger event or party, spacing people out is a great way to keep everyone safe. Just allow two or three guests for each table instead of fulling them like sardines, and make sure to sanitize throughout the night.

Consider wedding seating arrangements. There’s nothing with arranging a seating layout that’s meant to keep your guests safe. Most people will understand!

However, ensure you have comfortable and flexible seating so visitors can use one seat for eating, safe distance mingling, and relaxing all through the outside party.

However, you might need more table rentals in Miami because you will need more tables to host the guests safely.

Two large tables were perfect for ten adults, but now you will need more. Talk to your chair and table rental provider since there probably providing discounts to help people out.

Food and Drinks

Logistics truck delivery services

Food and drinks are one of the most significant problem areas in COVID-19 party planning. To protect visitors, think about boxed meals. For drinks, request that a bartender make pre-mixed drinks already filled jars with covers so individuals can get in and out quickly.

Consider renting a Margarita machine rental and allow everyone to serve their drinks but ensure people don’t get too close. People will drink and start to feel good about the holiday, forgetting the safety rules.

The best food today is from a delivery service. Today many catering companies have services that help out hosts and planners alike. These food services help the hosts provide guests with delicious food without risking going to the market to buy the supplies.

If you have children, consider ordering pizza, wings, breadsticks, and cokes. I know it is difficult for children to follow directions but don’t share food or drinks.

Holiday Party Planning and Entertainment

Although social distancing makes it impossible for warm holiday moments, consider hiring entertainment to unite your guests. Hire an entertainer who doesn’t need to get close to the guests and ensure they enjoy an excellent view.

Employing a party rental entertainer like singers or magicians permits visitors to participate in the experience from their seats. You also have them protected because of your seating social-distancing arrangement.

Another brilliant idea is to play an outdoor holiday movie on Netflix. It would be nice to set up a big screen and play a film for everyone to watch and share laughs.

Tent Rentals Miami

tent rentals in Miami pole tent

Miami tent rentals are perfect for social distancing events. You can rent a party tent and safely have your guests breathe fresh air without the fear of catching other people sneezing in a packed room.

You can pick from small canopies that accommodate ten guests to significant tents that may hold 50 or more. These great canopies also prevent rain and the sun from ruining outdoor fun.

Call Adventure Land Party Rental if you need help with your holiday party planning today.