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Expert Wedding Planners Top Linen Designs

Wedding Planners dinner setting

Even the best expert wedding planners realize linens can take your wedding design to the next level. Special event linens help to match the color scheme and decorations of your occasion. Thinking about enhancing the mood of your reception?

Picking the correct napkins, chair covers, and tablecloths that match the wedding party’s color and centerpieces is significant to making your wedding pop.

Whether you’re searching for something elegant or casual, our event planners in Miami can assist you with choosing from the many types of linens for your next special party or nuptials.

Wedding Planners Basics

Wedding planners in Miami Basics

Things to think about when picking the style, color, and linens:

  • Kind of occasion
  • Formal or casual  
  • Color and theme of the event
  • Wedding gown color
  • Size and shapes of the tables
  • Style of seats
  • Centerpieces
  • Napkins
  • Chair covers and sashes


wedding napkin folded with a flower

Napkins are more than simple functional items. Select napkins that match either the color and texture of your tablecloths or the runners. You can flaunt your creative ability in how you want the napkins folded.

There are many ways one can fold them. Besides the folding style you pick, consider matching the centerpieces or different adornments, colors, and patterns you select for your tables.


Tablecloths play a significant role in your wedding decor and fill in as the ideal backdrop for your China, napkins, runners, overlays, and centerpieces. An all-white cloth is a classic but elegant color.

Consider the color of your wedding dress when choosing white/beige tablecloths. If you need your tablecloth to be the star, choose one with an exciting texture, color, or pattern.

Overlays/table Skirts

Wedding cake

Overlays/table skirts can enhance the design of your occasion by using a complementary color to your tablecloth and napkin while adding layers and lavishness to your tables. For a vintage-inspired wedding, think of an ivory-colored lace or sheer overlay.

Contrasting shaded overlays and tablecloths will give an appearance of a formal or casual occasion, depending on the colors you pick. You can find overlays in prints, solids, sheers, or themes to compliment your occasion decor.

Table Runners

Table runners change the mood of a table. The size, width, and color you pick must match the centerpieces you will use. Wider runners can be flashy, particularly if you want a pattern or bold color in your runners. Wider runners work with a less complex style or monochromatic centerpiece, as not to clash.

When you choose chargers as a major aspect of your place setting, we recommend a narrower runner. If you have little centerpieces or want it to become the focal point, select a runner that is a tad wider than your centerpiece.

Chair Covers and Sashes

wedding planners in Miami top chair covers and sashes

Chair covers and sashes are accessible in many fabrics and colors to fit the style of different chairs, from banquets to folding chairs. You will never finish a lovely setting without similar pretty chairs; I don’t mean plain. There are many ways to improve your event chairs.

Dressing the chairs with covers enhances not only their magnificence but also hide the imperfections the chairs may have and improve the overall ambiance of your wedding. You can find many chair sashes options that you can use to add color and personality to your seats and your occasion hall.

Wedding Planner’s best Types of Sashes

Organza Sashes-people consider organza one of the most eye-catching fabrics for chair sashes. With their smooth finish and sheer fabric, organza sashes can assist you with changing a normal wedding hall into something attractive.

Satin Sashe-can makes a bold color statement for your occasion or wedding. This glossy, highly versatile, and elegant fabric can transform a boring and plain-looking seat into something warm and inviting.

Taffeta- is a phenomenal, very good quality, plain woven, thin, smooth, and typically used for wedding dresses, interior decor, and ball gowns. Makers produce it using silk or cuprammonium rayons besides acetate and polyester. The silk taffeta comes in two types: the soft piece-dyed and the stiffer yarn-dyed. The producers typically make fabric chair sashes using piece-dyed taffeta.

Burlap, or hessian or crocus in Jamaica, is a densely woven fabric usually produced using sisal fibers or jute plant skin. People produced some kinds of burlap fabrics using a mix of jute plant skin and other vegetable fibers used to make nets and ropes.

Lycra- elastane or spandex- is a synthetic fiber known to be especially elastic. They make Lycra of 190 gm/2 spandex fabric, and it’s tougher and sturdier than natural rubber.

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