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Don’t search for a wedding venue because renting a large tent is easy

leasing a canopy for events

The answer to an expensive wedding venue is renting a large tent for an open occasion that is available at a tent rental supplier. The tents come in all shapes, sizes and for many different types of events.

Many individuals think the tents are an eyesore; however, that boat sank a long time ago. Now tent rentals have unique designs for people who want extravagance.

You should be the judge by checking them at your local tent rental supplier. Make the wedding without burning your wallet and go full throttle renting all the other items, such as tables and Chiavari chairs, music, catering, and the fully loaded bar.

Why pick a tent?

tent rentals in Miami pole tent

Event planners enjoy renting a large tent for their many ceremonies. If you expect many visitors, then a tent rental is for you.
Also, I mean more than two hundred because some venues cannot support more than 200 people.

Since you could use the tent for the reception because the ceremony occurs in the church. The other option might be the backyard, but it could get crowded. Suppose you don’t want the hassle of traveling. In that case, the tent can also be used for the ceremony and allow seniors to stay situated.

 Have the Wedding Reception and Ceremony Outside with a Large Tent

Wedding tent rentals

I know that a hall seems familiar to you. We had our graduations, celebrations, and corporate events.

I know venues have good seats, and with excellent decorations, it’s charming, yet when they tell you, “you have to leave time is up,” then what are you going to do.

The Crossings Party Rentals has a pick-up typically until the next day and some two days. So get every one of your loved ones together and tell them where to meet, right.

You tell them the address and when they get there, to their amazement is a big beautiful tent with sidewalls or a see-thru roof to look at the lovely stars.

Like I said before, having the reception and ceremony in the same place is a time-saver. Tents are made especially to impress, so there is no need to worry about taking horrible pictures because the backdrop does go well.

Renting a Large Tent can be the Answer to Rain

Well, it’s over; everyone has to go home. Don’t worry, I’m just kidding, even though that’s probably what some people might think when they make the event outside. However, rain is just rain when you rent a large tent.

Dealing with rain when you lease your tent is simple since tents with sidewalls protect you from light wind and rain. All you have to do is reserve a sidewall canopy, and it will enclose your tent and make it feel like a building.

Unless it’s legitimately a hurricane, rain is nothing to concern yourself because your sidewalls will be on the front line ensuring your wedding goes off smoothly.

Many Styles of Tents

You have to consider that not all tents are alike.

Pole tents and frame tents are entirely different because frame tents don’t bring a center pole and cost more.

How about we compare pole and frame tents:

Pole Tent


  • Cheaper
  • Has a center pole and can be an eyesore if you like to take pictures
  • Mostly installed in grass
  • Need more tie-downs
  • Easy to transport; fewer parts and less space
  • Staking is critical


Frame Tent


  • More solid
  • Installed on any surface
  • More expensive because it brings more highlights than the pole tents
  • No center poles, so take your picture anywhere
  • Flexible layout and better floor plan options
  • Self-supporting
  • Possible transportation issues because of their size

The Best Way to Decorate your Tent

How many ways can you decorate your wedding tent? This question is an understatement because you can decorate the empty canopy however you want.

In fact, the response to this inquiry is simple. You may make a tent luxurious, and if you don’t like luxury, you go for the simple type not to lavish too.

The add-on like restrooms, trash cans in whatever colors you like, beautiful lighting, tableware, silverware, and the theme is up to you.

Need help in renting a large tent for your outside event, please contact us today.

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