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Biggest Inflatable Water Slides

Biggest Inflatable Water Slides

Often we see water slides rentals in parties and we say “wow is as big as a house”! Well, you have seen nothing yet! Which is the biggest Inflatable Water Slide in the world? We found two of them. The tallest slide named the Hybrid XL and is the tallest inflatable water slide measuring a height of 22.4 meters and achieved by Freestyle Slides (USA) and Xscape at Belmont Park, Perth, Western Australia, on February 19, 2016.

Tallest_inflatable_water slide

However, there’s the longest inflatable water slide measuring 601.98 meters and created by Live More Awesome (New Zealand) as verified at (Action Park) in Vernon, New Jersey, USA, on July 10, 2015. The difference between the two depends on the guest. Some prefer the tallest because you can slide straight down but some rather enjoy more seconds of sliding and wetness. Even if you can’t get to the biggest inflatable water slides, beat the heat with a fun water slide with a call to a party rental in Richmond Heights, FL, today.

Hybrid XL to most is the biggest inflatable Water Slides

The slide has two paths so the courageous can race one another down the water-slide. The builder Freestyle pride themselves on their development in the inflatable slide industry. They intend to assemble inflatable attractions at amazing scale made from fiberglass.

They aim to compete with the super slides found in the greatest water parks and amusement parks in the planet. The slide named the Hybrid XL, and it is enormous–taller than a four-story building.

World’s Longest Inflatable Water Slide

The water slide doesn’t have a name–well, for now, it’s going by World’s Longest Inflatable Water Slide. A 1,975-foot long inflatable water slide and It’s comprised of the same material used in bounce houses and consist of 20 100-foot-long units, each weighing 600 pounds or more. The slide inflates by two big generators and 15 blowers. Also, uses 1,000 gallons of water per hour. However, it’s not approved by state Department of Community Affairs. So the slide is not open to the public—and we hope it soon opens because summer coming along and we need the ride to cool off.

Inflatables Water slides Rentals

Don’t worry if you can get to them they can come to you. The business water slide rental companies carry some that are not that huge but big enough to make a hot day feel much better. Not as big as Hybrid XL but big as a two story house.

Likewise, you can do the set up on the water if you’re tired of the backyard or parks. In addition, water slide available that slide into pools.