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A Smart Budget Friendly Wedding Plan

wedding rentals planning tips

Even the best wedding rentals Miami planners know there is a lot that goes into a wedding including a budget friendly wedding plan. From picking a site to choosing a caterer to choose the music to much more. Besides the time investment, there is likewise a budget element to consider as you prepare to get married.

Understanding the costs of getting hitched can assist you in making a plan for saving cash on your big day. The top event rentals Miami planners will help you with some tips so you can save big while allowing you leftover money for the honeymoon.

How much does a wedding cost?

The amount you may spend on a wedding can vary significantly, depending on how large or little you go. Looking at certain numbers for the average wedding expenses can put what you may spend in perspective.

According to, for instance, the normal wedding cost $44,105 in 2018. That number reflects the average sum spent on essential things, for example, the wedding cake, wedding rings, stationery, the rehearsal dinner and reception, wedding favors, and professional photography. Although it doesn’t, include the honeymoon. For that, you will dish out another $5,342 on average.

Start with a wedding budget

event rentals Miami budgeting tips

A wedding budget can assist you in keeping your spending controlled, yet only if it’s practical and workable. Getting the right wedding budget starts with a discussion about what sort of wedding you want. The bride and groom first need to sit and consider the overall vision for their wedding.

Are they imagining an elegant soiree in a hall or something casual in a relative’s patio? A destination wedding has many variables too! Besides the vision of the wedding, the guest list will also influence the budget friendly wedding plan.

Compare cost

Depending on where you’re getting hitched you may have two or more wedding rental suppliers to choose from. Although it takes your time, it’s beneficial to do research, for example, finding the items every supplier has and what they charge.

If you find one rental supplier that has everything, or most of the things you need, but the supplies cost more than the competition, inquire why the value contrast and check whether you can bargain.

Also, remember that tent rental expenses vary to a great extent because of the age and maintenance of the tent. If one tent supplier charges considerably less than a competitor it is probably because the tent is old and doesn’t look new anymore.

Party rental package deal or not?


At first, some package deals may seem like a smart idea, and it is for many wedding couples. Regrettably, if you have fewer visitors than the package includes you still will need to pay for the extra place settings–that is the reason it’s a bundle.

Also, when you request substitutions, the rental supplier will add on extra costs, which makes the “bargain” no longer a bargain. You’ll save cash by leasing the things you need in the quantities you need.

Request the right size wedding tent

Outdoor wedding reception in tent

Are you making a dreamy outside wedding? Then, requesting the correct size wedding tent is significant. When you get a large wedding tent for a small gathering of people, you end up overpaying for the tent and the occasion resembles an unsold event. Now, too little of a tent will pack your guests and will make them leave early to escape the crowd.

Talk to the party rental company—many offer free consults—and hear their expert opinion. They won’t try to rip you off, but they will offer the best ways to accommodate your visitors inside the right tent. And help you with your other needs, for example, the size of the dance floor, buffet tables or space for a band.

Rethink your seating requirements

Another thrift thought that will most likely go unnoticed by visitors is to avoid pricier wood seats and go with plastic seats. However, if you have your heart set on wooden seats, then use wooden seats for the guests or dinner tables and get the more affordable ones for non-visitors, for example, the band and kitchen.

Reexamine your linens


Linens can be pricey. Consider using shorter linens on your seating tables and full drop linens with a tablecloth as opposed to skirting on the rectangular buffet, bar, and gift tables.

You can buy Chiavari chairs but avoid using the seat covers, which often cost as much as the seat rentals themselves. Furthermore, if you’re throwing a casual wedding, consider paper dinner napkins as opposed to cloth.