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7 Essential Wedding Equipment Rentals you Can’t Ignore

Wedding Equipment Rentals

Wedding equipment rentals can be stressful to purchase and organize for the host, bride, and helping hands. Usually, the purchase or renting of the wedding items and putting all the pieces to work together can be demanding. However, wedding rental items shouldn’t be in your worries regarding the big day.

Making sense of what to rent for a wedding is a lost art of planning. Without sticking to a wedding rental checklist, your visitors won’t have seats to sit on, glasses to drink from, and forks to eat with, plus the occasional sunburned without the proper tent for protection. To help minimize expenses, you can commonly rent these things, as opposed to buying them, from a reliable wedding rental company.

We list the main things you need to ensure a perfect wedding, besides why they’re essential to the entire occasion.

Wedding Equipment Rentals- Tents

wedding equipment tent rental

Try not to waste many months of planning when a poor climate interferes with your outside occasion. Ensure you have a Plan B regarding outdoor weddings. Perhaps a tent rental near Kendall FL is the ideal approach to prevent Mother Nature from ruining your big day.

Particularly for outside weddings, since it may not be a simple downpour your visitors need to deal with at the occasion. Dust and debris caused by high winds can cause many issues. Also, consider tent accessories like lighting, heaters, cooling, chandeliers, and decorations.

Generator Rentals

Power is not an issue if you hold your site inside, but the power should be on your planning radar for outside venues. If you plan on using a tent rental, then consider renting a generator to power any lighting, cooking equipment, or devices that may require electricity.

Tables and Chair Packages

wedding rental packages for events

While many settings offer tables and seats, it’s essential to know how many items you’ll be getting with your package. You don’t want to be short on seating during the big day and have your visitors eat standing up, waiting on people to finish.

Remember about comfortable seating for the wedding party and the possible areas for visitors to relax in a lobby room if your dining area is confined.

Also, understand the different chairs you can use with your theme, for example, Chiavari chairs, Cane back chair, infinity chair, chameleon chair, ghost chair, folding lawn chair, cross-back chair, and Bentwood cafe chair.

The table’s variations are round or square tables, rectangular dining tables, serpentine, U-Shaped, and family-style.

We offer many Kendall chair and table packages to add to your occasion so your visitors can sit comfortably.

Best Wedding Equipment Rentals-Dance Floor

Depending on the setting, you probably need to lease a dance floor since it is a significant part of your outside wedding. It is not a big deal if you don’t think you will need one. However, this is significant for the other guests who want to dance and boogie.

Dance floors will provide a fantastic, creative, and chic vibe to any occasion. Pick a dance floor that matches your theme and size. Afterward, plan the reception space for your dancing, for instance, the father-daughter dance and bride and groom.

Renting party items bodes well, as homemade dance floors can look cheap and dangerous. So make leasing the dance floor an essential party of your arrangement and mark one more thing off that long checklist for the day.


Event lighting equipment-chandeliers

The last thing anyone needs is wedding photographs to be too dark that not even today’s photo technology can’t save. Instead, plan out any extra lighting you may require so you and your visitors can see and appreciate each other’s conversation and antics.

The better and more modern the lighting technology, the more beautiful and brighter your wedding photos could be for your collection.

Linens and Napkins

There are many table linen rentals, styles, and fabrics out there—pick the ones that suit your wedding theme and style the best and mix and match. Linens come in many styles, for example, tablecloths, runners, chair covers, and chair sashes. Plus, some types of napkins such as cocktail napkins, luncheon, dinner, and even paper napkins.

Dinnerware, Flatware, and Barware

Dinnerware and flatware rentals

How would your visitors eat and drink? Remember dinnerware such as chargers and serving plates, forks, knives, spoons, wine glasses, water glasses, champagne flutes, highball glasses, rock glasses, and coffee cups regarding the top essential things to lease for your wedding. Also, perhaps a special treat for those signature drinks like mason jars.

Our wedding equipment rentals are perfect for your big day, and we have many wedding packages to choose from.