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3 Types of Event Tents Rentals for Parties and Occasions

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There’s no better way to create a safe and shielded outdoor party than by renting event tents rentals and accessories. Tent rentals in Miami, Florida, offer many options and a unique experience while protecting visitors from harsh or sporadic weather conditions that may affect your outside occasion.

Tents permit you to be inventive and transform your occasion into anything your heart wants, giving you more flexibility than you would at a venue. You can customize party tents with a dance floor, lighting, sidewalls, and more! BBQs, celebrations, graduations, family gatherings, weddings—whatever the extraordinary event might be, a tent can exceed your requirements. Take a look below at three unique types of tents you will appreciate on any occasion:

Frame Event Tent Rentals

Frame Tents Inside View
Image courtesy of Don Williams

Frame event tent rentals have much more space and flexible layout design choices as they don’t have center poles. Instead, the structure is made of aluminum or steel pipes supporting the rooftop fabric. In addition, this unique fabric doesn’t need stakes to maintain the correct tension, permitting the tent’s placement flexibility.

Moreover, frame tents are an incredible choice if you need to install a tent near a building, structure, or home. You can also stake frame tents into grass or use blocks on asphalt. Because of expenses, tent weighting is a decent choice if you cannot stake the tent.

A few pros a frame tent provides:

  • Greater visibility inside a tent because there are no center poles.
  • More flexibility with the event design and floor plan.
  • A superior choice for wedding ceremonies.

Pole Event Tent Rentals

Peg_and_pole_Tent event rentals
Image courtesy of Sameerboss786

Miami party rental experts recommend pole tents when you throw a significant occasion. Pole tents are tension tents supported by stakes that are each 10′ around the perimeter.

A few pros of pole tents include:

  • Offer many cheaper alternatives.
  • Pole tents look nice because of the high peaks.
  • Pole canopies are available in bigger sizes.

You can customize pole event tent rentals in any size you need, plus offer the dramatic look of those broad peaks. If you throw a circus-type party, rent a pole tent to match the theme and mood. Remember, people can also customize pole tents with sidewalls.

I understand pole tents break up space. However, that is what you want in a party tent. Hosts can use multiple pole tents to separate their gathering areas, for example, food, the dance floor, the band, and even a place to put the staff. Decorate pole tents with tables and chair rentals in Miami, lights, roses and flowers, drapery, or whatever else conveys your vision.

Clear Span Tents

See thru Canopy 10x60
Clear canopy

Clear-span tents are perfect for all-season weather events since they withstand high winds, rain, and rough climate conditions. In addition, it gives a permanent feel, making it ideal for long installations or many days of events.

Pros of Clear Span tents include:

  • Extraordinary for long-term use.
  • Unobstructed inside space use.
  • You can install complex lighting and AV systems.
  • There are more interior alternatives to choose from.
  • Make a memorable occasion with a clear-span tent.

3 Tent Accessories You May Need

Tent Walls: These walls can protect your party guests against weather elements like rain, dust, sporadic downpours, ice, and more. Most tent rental choices come without walls, but you can redesign them with doors and sidewalls. But, again, you should pick what better accommodates your occasion and budget.

Dance Floor: Not all gatherings need a dance floor. However, consider a dance floor rental if you want your guests to dance and don’t want your visitors to stall out in the grass and get filthy. I suggest a dance floor to provide them with the best and most comfortable non-sliding space.

Cooling or Heating System: Some climate situations will need additional help to keep the party atmosphere fresh and comfortable inside the tent. Yet, don’t stress; using a heating or air conditioning system can immediately change the party’s mood. You don’t want extreme weather to ruin your event, so consider a cooling or heating system for your event.

Event Tent Rental Specialists

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party package 17

We suggest scheduling one early if you want to lease event tent rentals for your occasion. Tents are popular throughout summer and fall and are regularly booked out months in advance. In addition, we have party rental specials for all types of tent events!