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10 tips for an outdoor party

10 Tips for an Outdoor Party

Entertaining is one thing, but dazzling your guests with an outdoor party sensation is another. Summer can be the best time of year for outdoor parties, so call Party rentals Miami today. From twinkling lights to patterned tablecloths, every detail counts when it comes to impressing family and friends. Here are 10 tips for an outdoor party.

Outdoor Party
Outdoor Party

There are many scenarios that cross my mind when I hear outdoor party- from the beach to your own backyard, passing by the communal park to a river, the options are unlimited. Always a nice addition is an inflatable water slide rental for the kids!

Here we offer you some tips to throw the most dashing outdoor party ever!

Prepare ahead of time for your event

Early is never early enough when preparing a dashing party. Organize yourself; create a list with All the Things You Are going to need, from utensils to illumination. Make sure you add a code with priorities. If possible, try to obtain all of your party supplies days before the main event.

Style your way to the party

Make sure you décor the party with nice theme decorations that also make the guests feel comfortable but represent your style! Make sure to dress tables and chairs with cushions and tablecloths. Mix it up and show off some of your personal flair with bright colors or fancy patterns. It’s easy to celebrate summer with styles that bring summer vibes to life.

Pull In Friends for Help with the occasion

Ask a couple of guests whether they would arrive early to help with pre-party preparation. Make it fun by starting the music early and sampling some food.

Start off early

When throwing an outdoor party, you need to consider that light is a key element, especially if its sunlight, that for sure, it is the main component of a party. Also, consider illumination, you may want to place some bulbs, sparkling lights, lamps, lanterns, candles so it is very clear when the night hits.

It is all about the food!

As you are outdoors, this is a great time to prepare a BBQ with your friends, this especially works, if the gathering holds a very intimate, private and small number of people. Now, if the party will gather around a number of people, we suggest you offer a clean menu, maybe some ceviche, some snacks, try to make it informal, and also spill proof! The less messy the better! This includes having to use cutlery when you can perfectly manipulate the food with your hands! Also, when planning the menu, try to include everyone. Always remember the people who have different eating styles. It may be catastrophic serving pork ribs to a vegetarian.

Prepare the Grill Station

If you’re grilling, make sure the grill is clean and ready to fire up with enough charcoal or gas. Have a working meat thermometer on hand so you don’t have to guess on grilling time.

Go away rain!

Always prepare for the worst. If clouds roll in on party day, make sure you’re ready. You can simply move the party indoors at the drop of a hat. Tents can also help keep the party going outdoors in case of precipitation.

Be prepared!

As the party is outdoor, make sure to buy bug spray for your guests, the least you want to happen is to have your friend’s legs and arms covered in mosquito bites and blisters. You can also include decorative citronella candles with the rest of the lighting scheme.

Jam it out with a DJ

Keep the music high and cool. There is no need to blast your speakers across the entire yard, but keep it high enough. Play your favorite jams, but nothing too crazy. The music can really set the mood of the entire party and make or break the atmosphere.

Prep the Yard

Get your yard clean and in order. Make sure the grass is mowed, raked and free of debris, tools, and toys.

A bonus tip: Remember to sit down and enjoy!

What’s the point of a party if you don’t get to spend time with the humans you care about? We do photography on the side and love capturing all of the moments, but when you’re too busy showing everyone what a good time you had, you missed out on actually enjoying yourself. Try to put down your phone, camera, etc. and spend quality time with your guests.